Windows file managers, programs to organize, delete, rename, move files.

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1-4a Rename
Free file renamer that renames many files at once and previews changes instantly. Two modes available basic mode for standard renaming options by replacing letters within filenames or inserting letters or numbering. Expert mode features the full power of the program.
1st NTFS Recovery
An automatic data recovery tool for NTFS partitions. Program reconstructs damaged files and system structures.
3 Dfm
Displays files and folders in an interactive, 3D display. Rotate, pan and zoom the view, change folders, compare file and folder sizes, quickly search for files, and view images. [Win98/ME/XP/2000]
Advanced Cataloguer (ACAT)
Software for cataloguing on all types of digital media. Tool with explorer-like interface that catalogs files on different drives and disks. Shareware.
AL Folder Browser
Provides a faster way to looking through folders and files. Resides in the system tray, supports viewing of FDD, HDD, CD drives and Network drives. Also provides information on hard drives and hardware. [Windows 9x/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP]
Always Watching!
Watch any folder on a file system or available network for changes to file size, modification dates, file name or folder name, with customizable notifications.
Batch Rename .EXE
Rename multiple files using filters to add information, remove spaces, and change capitalization.
Context Magic
Windows Explorer context menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks. (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)
Copy Handler
Open-source tool for Windows which allows overriding default system copy and move operations and take full control over them.
Utilities to batch, and modify file/folder properties and attributes.
ExtraBit Software
Offers SpaceMan 99: find duplicate files, folders, and folder sizes. RenameMan: Rename files, quickly and easily. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000]
File Recover
Data recover and undelete program, designed to restore accidentally deleted files. It supports hard disks for FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. It will recover files, deleted from the Recycle Bin and Shift-Delete.
Adds recent files list and file management functions to Open/Save dialogs of all programs, and long filename support to Windows 3.1 application dialogs. Shareware from Cottonwood Software.
Make a symbolic link to an existing file on a Windows NTFS disk. The ability to give a single file multiple names. Limitations: The link must be on the same disk. The disk-drive must be formatted using NTFS 5 or higher.
Batch file management software to automate common file management tasks such as renaming, search and replace or file splitting. Software overview, trial download, and screen shots. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]
A dual-window file synchronizer, manager, and backup tool for Win XP, 2000, and 9x. Quickly compares two folders and their subfolders and copies files to bring backups up-to-date, and provides a set of tools to work with files and filename lists.
Flash Detective
Image recovery software for digital cameras (including flash cards).
Dual-panel freeware file manager with built-in FTP client, archive handling, multi-rename, wipe files and MD5 checksums.
Gekko Manager
Freeware file manager and FTP client for Windows with multi-file operations, FTP access, pack and unpack ZIP files. It is available in several languages.
Magic File Renamer
Rename multiple filenames at once, command line parameters for batch processing. Product features, screenshots, download, and online help file.
Create hierarchical trees for storing information such as documents, notes, and images. Create unlimited nodes and sub-nodes, and assign any document to each node. Documents can be loaded from a file and saved in RTF or TXT format. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000]
No Nonsense Software
File and storage media management software for Windows. Catalog and organize any disk media, including CD-ROMs, Zip and Jaz disks, hard drives, and network drives.
Advanced freeware file manager based on top of .net technology.
Professional Renamer
Tool to rename multiple filenames at once.
Shareware utility for synchronizing two or more directories files or hard drives. It can also be used as a backup application to synchronize files, directories, or disks of one user on different computers, and to synchronize files, directories, or disks among different users.
Tc 3d File Manager
Freeware OpenGL-based filemanager that has many visual effects and is easy in use.
Universal Explorer
A super turbo-charged windows explorer replacement, file manager and viewer. Manage files quickly and effectively. Plus, view and edit almost any file directly in UE without launching the files native application.
V - The File Viewer
All-purpose File Manager for Windows. Includes a Dual Pane interface, Thumbnails mode, hex viewing and handling very large files.
The UnExplorer, provides separate lists for each folder like NeXT workstations, allows bookmarking, displays image files. Shareware from ErgoSoft.
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