Typing tutors, speed tests and reviews of such software.

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Accu-Type 4
[Win] tutor in English, French, Spanish or Polish takes as little as 12 hours to train for touch typing.
Ainsworth Keyboard Training Systems
Typing tutor and 10-key software for individuals, schools, and corporations. Download and evaluate typing software that builds communication skills.
The Almena Method
Typing tutor teaching typing with the method.
[Win] Teaches touch typing for both adults and children. Provides reports and optional customization.
Typing course for children. Uses lessons, speed test and games. Available in single user and network versions. Secure online purchasing available.
Free Typing Game
Collection of hundreds of free typing games from all over the world.
Type faster without a typing tutor. Use our onscreen keyboard.
GNU Typist
[Win - Unix] Free tutor adaptable to multiple languages (currently English, German and Spanish) and keyboards (currently Spanish and US qwerty and Dvorak). Also known as gtypist.
GS Typing Tutor
[Win]A full-featured software for helping you to learn touch typing quickly through an amusing, easy, and effective way, for both adults and children.
Integrated Keyboarding
[Win] This software for Windows allows the user to move the mouse and cursor, highlight, scroll, drag, number and delete without moving the hands from the homekey position.
Touch typing tutor. Download or CD-ROM for Windows or Mac; online version works with Linux too.
Key o'key
Simple typing tutor. Trial version to download.
Keyboard Classroom
Teaches typing skills to children in one-minute sprints.
Keyboard Master
[Win] Typing tutor with games instead of boring drills. Good for both kids and adults. Various course scenarios. Free Trial. Net version for schools and courses.
Keyboard Town PALS
Typing program for kids that teaches using association, music, and humor. Kids learn proper keyboarding in an hour. For ages 6 and up and special needs children.
Kiran's Typing Tutor
[Win] Simple typing tutor. Free download.
KP Typing Tutor series
[Win] Supports Qwerty, Dvorak keyboards and many European languages. The Client/Server edition is for classrooms and offices. The layouts and courses are customizable. Free typing/spelling generator is available.
Laser Typing
Typing tutor using a simple game to teach typing.
Master Key
[Win - Mac] Straightforward typing tutor that uses the interface you already know on both Mac and Windows. Contains fun and challenging game, ParaTyper.
Nail It Now Typing Tutor
For busy people. A free preview is available online.
Rapid Typing Tutor
[Win] Improve your typing skills with free touch typing tutors for adults and kids. [Win]
SOLO Typing Tutor
Teaches you the right way of typing, so you can learn to type faster.
SuperKids Typing Software Review
Parent, teacher, and student teams' results of comparing nine typing programs.
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor
[Win-Mac] Learn touch typing skills. Features introductory quiz to customize package, full support for both QWERTY and Dvorak keyboards and animated demonstrations.
Touch Type Read and Spell (TTRS)
A multi-sensory computer-aided learning course for people with spelling, reading or writing difficulties. Students will also learn the skill of touch typing.
Touch Typing Deluxe
Typing tutor in 22 lessons. Six different lesson types and a detailed result analysis provide diversified and effective training. An intelligent free writing mode is available. The programme is server and network compatible.
Touch Typing Tutor
Typing tutorial software, tests, and games. [Win 2K/XP]
Touch Typist
[Win] Tutor from Sector Software teaches typing on the QWERTY keyboard for children and adults. Online ordering via secure server.
[Linux] An open-source educational typing tutorial game.
Type Accents
Make typing non-English accented letters easy.
Type and Test
Specialises in typing software that teaches children, students and adults to touch type in the UK.
TypeFaster Typing Tutor [Win]
A free typing tutor that teaches you how to touchtype. It supports many keyboard layouts, including the numeric keypad.
Practice typing speed by competing with other players. You can practice alone, play with friends, and track your performance over time.
Typing Tester
[Win] Timed test of typing speed and error rate.
[Win] Touch typing software with lessons, speed tests and free typing games.
[Win] A family of Windows applications and web services enabling computer users to improve their typing efficiency. Also offers free typing tests.
Counts your amount of keys, mouseclicks and the distance of your mouse moves.

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