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A+ Electronic Flashcards
Software for computerised learning therough the use of flashcards. [Windows, Mac OS]
A software package offering planning, assessment, evaluations and report writing for teachers.
Better Software for Schools and Businesses
Promoting AnswerQuest, an educational tool for automating electronic exams, tests and homework.
Bookbag Software
Lets students or teachers create an assignment template/outline; Prompts students to write drafts, paragraph by paragraph
All-in-one tool for building tests, gradebooks, and reports. Use on-line or off-line. Create randomized tests to avoid cheating. For those with on-line access, everything from email to on-line testing is supported.
Easy to use class attendance program. Automatic class monitoring. Secure, reliable.
Lesson planning tool based around an Outlook style calendar. [Windows]
Complete Teacher
Organizational Software for Mac and PC to aid teachers in several roles. Includes database, appointment book, and letter templates.
Curriculum Assessments and More LLC
Educational software company developer of the product Test Designer.
Educational software
A range of software tools for use in the classroom.
A multiple choice test making program. Teachers now can create their own computerized multiple choice tests in HyperCard on your Mac. [Demo]
A range of resources for educators, including custom software for use by schools and other training institutions worldwide.
Classroom-tested standards-based assessment materials, each one keyed to national standards and including rubrics and annotated benchmark papers.
Free Software For Teachers
Free learning software programs for teachers and schools.
Hot Potatoes
Free lesson construction software to build a teaching website; includes crosswords, gap-fills, cloze tests, matching, multiple choice and jumbled exercises.
Desktop security product which replaces the Explorer desktop to provide an easy method of locking or hiding icons. Targeted to parents and teachers.
EasyTech is an online instructional system that enables today's K-8 educators to integrate technology with core curriculum.
Flashcards for memory improvement, vocabulary memorization, learning foreign language, and other uses. [Windows]
NetMove Software
Classes and computer assignment files managed securely. Teachers access and mark all students' work under specific central folders for each class and assignment.
Objective Analyst
Standards based assessment software tracks student performance across multiple courses and school years and works with national, state, local or curriculum standard set.
Optimum Software
Provides interactive tools for state assessment or proficiency test preparation.
Red Canyon Systems
Software for attendance tracking, fitness assessment, exercise prescription, fitness improvement analysis and information processing.
Report Rascal
Program to assist in the production of primary school reports. Produced by teachers, it operates alongside Microsoft Word to deliver reports quickly and accurately.
A mouse pointer action visualization software that improves computer based teaching and software training. Students can see what the teacher is doing with the mouse.
Syvum Technologies Inc.
Interactive software for children on math, English, and general knowledge topics, plus a progress monitor for parents and teachers. Free download demo.
Teaching Templates is a set of authoring tools for creating interactive exercises and quizzes. Can be on a web page or run as stand-alone programs. Shareware with 30-day trial. Requires Windows.
Free, web-based system allowing teachers to maintain excellent records and provide students and parents with limited access to daily progress reports and class assignments.
Teachers Personal Information Manager
Information manager for teachers for displaying and extracting weekly/daily planning, register, grades sheet and timetables.
The Teachers' PRO
UK designed: lesson planner, gradebook and organizer.
Test Master
Administers and provides multiple choice and short answer tests on the Internet. An online mark book for each teacher with statistics to analyze class or individual weaknesses.
Test compendium CD. Database of English, Mathematics and Science questions. Especially for UK teachers. All levels: Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.
Tramline TourMaker
Software for designing and create web tours and field trips that integrate selected web pages with custom commentary. [Windows]
Web based tools for educators includes Week In Review, MathFacts, Report Card Comments, Spelling Challenge, AssignmentTracker.
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