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AIMSTAR Educational Software
[Win] Producers of 'Earth Science', an educational, interactive, multimedia CD-ROM that helps users explore our Earth.
[Win] Software for learning mathematics and physics: experiment simulators, analytic geometry, cellular automata, game of life, percolation, chaos.
[Win-Mac] Digital museums of Earth and Space images.
DARE Software
[Win - Mac] Information and demos for animated physics practice, science practice,and park science projects.
Digital Frog International
[Win Mac] Natural science software for virtual frog dissection and field trips. Includes product and company information, online ordering, technical support and user resources.
Dreamland Interactive
[Win - Mac] The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM. A presentation of the entire UFO Phenomenon. Online ordering.
EOA Scientific Systems
[Win-Mac] Multimedia Earth and Space science educational software.
Evalutel Multimedia
[Win] Educational software on CD-ROM for high schools in math and physics.
Falcon Software
[Win-Mac] Educational science software in general Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Science and Electronics. On-line ordering available.
Focus Educational Software
[Win] Software designed for people preparing for GCSE Design and Technology and GCSE Science. Downloadable demo.
High School Science Software - Ceres Software Corporation
Motivating software for high school students in physics and chemistry courses. Additional software teaches how to assemble balsa wood bridges and educational electric motors.
Interactive Learning Inc.
[Win] Includes educational CDs for biology, chemistry, and physics for high school and college students.
InterNetwork Media
[Win - Mac] A developer of educational CD-ROM titles relating to the Earth and environment in close collaboration with the USGS and NOAA.
Medical and Science Media
Reseller of medical and science software, CD-ROMs, teaching slides and video tapes. For use in high schools, colleges, universities and hospitals.
Quantum Intelligent Tutoring Engines
Develops artificial intelligence tutoring engines that power existing software, hardware and distance learning products, inspiring students from middle school through college to solve science problems.
Seeds Software
[Win - Mac] Science themes complete with lessons and hands-on activities.
Shareware Simulations for Physical Science
[Win] Simulations that allow the student to simulate using lab equipment for Maths, Physics and Engineering
[Win] Physics video analysis software.
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