Utilities to help users create or customize screen savers.

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2Flyer Screensaver Builder
Software to create screen savers. Plays Flash files or online Flash resources. Supports RealPlayer, MediaPlayer or QuickTime formats.
3D Photo Album Screensaver
Turns photos into a 3D photo album screen saver. Demo available.
Acez Screen Saver Builder
A tool to create and distribute screen savers. Includes features, and testimonials.
Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker
Software to build a customizable screen saver with personal photos and music. Displays photos in sequence or random order.
AL Pictures Slideshow Studio
Creates slide shows, in executable files, or as screen savers. Free trial version is available.
Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer
Tool to create and compile redistributable Windows 95/98 NT/2000 compatible screen savers. Shareware.
Blumentals Software: Screensaver Wonder
Development software to create personal screen savers, or shareware and free ware savers for unlimited distribution.
CDH Productions: GraFX Saver Pro
Creates and distributes screen savers with support for many image, video, and audio formats.
Cresotech PhotoScreen
Generates a screen saver with many different image transition effects. Free trial version, system requirements and pricing details.
DDSoft: Easy ScreenSaver Studio
Program to create, edit and compile pictures and music files into a screen saver file. Free demo available.
DzSoft: Easy 3D Creator
3D screen saver design, step by step, setting parameters for immediate results.
e2eSoft Pictures ScreenSaver
Displays pictures in a specified folder with slide show effects.
Easy Screensaver Creator
Allows the user to make screen savers based on image slide shows and with background sound. Two versions available.
Extreme Internet Software: Endless Slideshow Screensaver :
Allows the user to display pictures in slideshow mode, and also automatically downloads desktop wallpapers from the Internet and displays them in a slideshow.
Flash Saver Maker
Make screen savers from Macromedia Flash movies. Simply add the files with point-and-click.
Flash ScreenSaver Master
Program to create self-installing screen savers. Evaluation copy available.
Build screen savers with Flash movies. Available as a demo, freeware and shareware.
FX Saver
Create photo slide-show screen savers enhanced with special effects and sounds. Regular, Toolbox, and Toolbox Professional versions.
A Windows freeware tool for creating Flash based screen savers with advanced features.
IScreensaver Designer
Multi-platform design tool for creating custom screen savers and slide shows for Macintosh and Windows, using any combination of Adobe Flash, Photos and Images, Audio, and QuickTime Movies. Build on one machine for both platforms.
KrazyDad Kaleidoscopes
Mandala and kaleidoscope screen savers, and MetaScope shareware that searches the Internet for pictures, making a kaleidoscope from them.
A screen saver manager to run different a screen saver every time the computer is idling. Demo version available.
My Screen Saver
Create screen savers, adding graphic images and words of wisdom, and display a choice of background color and font. An evaluation copy is available.
Pictures Software, Inc.: Pictures Presentation Maker
Creates slideshows and screen savers. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
RJL Software: AnyImage Screen Saver
This free software displays any type of image as a screen saver, including JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF and ICO formats.
Screen Saver Studio
Creates personalized screen savers. Professional and deluxe versions. Demo available.
Shareware screen saver and graphics utility that can create many types of fractal, 2D and 3D images and animations.
Styopkin Software: Screensaver Launcher
Activate the default screen saver from the desktop or the system tray.
TenMiles: ScreenSwift
Creates and converts Flash movies into interactive screen savers with full sound support and control.
Tim's Code Page
Free multiple user screen saver utility that allows Windows 9x/ME to set different screen savers for different users. Source code included.
Ultra Screen Saver Maker
Create screen savers by merging images, sounds, movies and text into a compact, single file. Shareware.
Video Screen Saver Maker
AVI and MPEG videos as video screen savers. Shareware.
Web Screen Saver
Display any PowerPoint .PPS or .PPT file, RSS news feeds from any web site, or use any web site as a source for a screen saver.
WG Screensaver Creator
Allows the creation of screen savers, using JPG, GIF, and animated GIF, BMP, ICO and SWF files.
Xara ScreenMaker 3D
Create animated 3D text message screen savers, or put images onto the sides of a 3D tumbling cube screen saver.
XemiComputers: Screensaver Solutions
Several software solutions for building screen savers. Product specifications, screen shots, and downloads.
ZBSoft Inc.
The Ace Screensaver and Flash Saver Maker allows users to make slide show and Flash screen savers.
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