Icons are small pictures that are used to indicate desktop files and folders in the computer. No affiliate sites will be accepted.

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Developer of tools to edit, extract, collect, convert, and manage icon libraries. Free icon libraries.
Software for icon management includes the IconWorkshop for Macintosh and Windows icons, and AX Cursors. Trial versions available.
Bee Icons
Allows changing Windows system icons by applying themes. Offers a multilingual interface and drag and drop support. Themes downloads and free trial version.
Desktop Icon Toy
Software that can animate or blink icons on the desktop, add hover effects, remove icon text, and change the size. Free trial version.
Digitope Icon Editor
An icon editor for all versions of Windows. Create web page icons, customize desktop icons and create custom folder icons.
Easy Extract Icon
This utility allows easy extraction of icons from any file even contacts.doc.
Folder Marker
Use to mark folders, and change icons. Also offers Vista folder icons.marks folders with one mouse-click and can show which documents have a high priority, and which have a normal or low priority. Includes screen shots and a free version.
A freeware icon editor able to create, extract, and modify Windows icons using drawing tools and image filters.
Icon Constructor
Create 32-bit icons from pictures and apply to Windows folders. Trial version available.
Icon Seizer
Explore, view, and extract icons from Windows executable files.
Offers tools such as a Vista icon editor, animated GIF editor, buddy icon maker, library manager and graphics converter.
Windows icons editing utility. Supports ICO, EXE, DLL, GIF, BMP and JPEG for open/extract/convert to icons. Saves work to TrueColor or 16-color ICO, BMP or JPEG files. Allows one to paint, undo/redo, search for icons in files and capture screen areas.
Iconizer Pro
Create icons from pictures and control functionality from context menu. [Mac OS 9/Mac OS X]
Utility for converting images to ICO. It converts Bitmap, GIF and others to an icon. Supports true color and 32bpp (XP-Style) icons.
Lokas Software
Windows Vista fashioned stock icons and software including AWicons Pro 9.4, an icon and small graphics editor. Demos available.
Lovely Folders
Utility to replace icons for individual folders and to set info tips for folders.
Set of utilities for creating or editing icons, cursors and animated cursors. Support for Windows XP icons.
Icon editor for Windows icons with support for super-sampled layers.
Pretty Icon Maker
Create, extract, and convert icons from monochrome to 32-bit color depth, export or crop all popular picture files.
Program4Pc Inc
Offers professional multimedia tools including DJ Music Mixer, DJ Audio Editor, Audio Converter, PC Video Converter and GIF to Flash Converter.
RealWorld Icon Editor
Generate icons from images and 3D models, extract icons from applications, edit icons using drawing tools and scriptable filters.
SlavaSoft Paint Express
Editor for Windows XP icons, cursors, and 32-bit bitmaps with full alpha channel. Offers built-in screen-capture and image extraction tools.
An icon search engine. Each icon has several file formats such as PNG, and ICO, for Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems.
XemiComputers: MacIco
A free application designed to convert Macintosh icons to PC format.
A free tool that adds special effects when activating icons in Windows Explorer or on the desktop.
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