The Relational Model for Database Management: the theory and corolaries behind relational databases.
12 Rules
12 Rules for a relational database by EF Codd.
Against the Grain
Contrarian articles by Fabian Pascal about the necessity of getting the relational model properly implemented.
Alternative Technologies
Several publications on relational data. Free registration required.
Database Debunkings
Analysis of various systems and ideas floating in the database scene, against the standards set by the relational model for database management.
Date’s 12 Rules for DDB's
C.J. Date's goals for distributed relational databases. Orthogonal to the relational model. [PDF]
Extending the Database Relational Model to Capture More Meaning
RM/T: semantics modeling in the relational model for database management. [PDF]
FirstSQL Issue Papers
Opinions fundamented on the relational model about NULLs, SQL and DBMS
Fondation Matters
Series of relational database model articles by Chris J Date, with emphasis on rules applications. Registration required.
An Introduction to Database Normalization
Article by Mike Hillyer. A practical look at database normalization, focusing on the first three of seven generally recognized normal forms.
Introduction to Relational Databases
Concentrating on the 12 Rules from EF Codd and a succinct, informal definition of normalisation with examples.
A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks
The paper that started it all. The first public statement of the Relational Model.
A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory
By William Kent, as originally published internally at IBM in 198l, and the Communications of the ACM in 1983.
The Third Manifesto
Additional material related to the book.
Twelve Rules for Business Rules
Paper by C.J. Date on business rules as data integrity constraints. [PDF]
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