User groups, organizations and sites related to various MultiValue/Pick extended relational database management systems, and applications running on MultiValue/Pick databases.

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DesignBais-Forum on Google Groups
Discussion of issues related to the DesignBais application development environment.
Epicor Users Group (EUG)
A community of companies that use Epicor Software Corporation products: Avanté, DataFlo, ManFact, and MANAGE 2000. Provides a channel for sharing information and helps guide Epicor development.
InterSystems: MV Community on Google Groups
Helps MultiValue/Pick developers achieve the greatest benefits from using InterSystems Caché, the high-performance object database, and InterSystems Ensemble, the rapid integration platform.
jBASE on Google Groups
Discussions that revolve around the jBASE MultiValue/Pick environment and the TEMENOS T24 banking application.
Microdata Alumni
The site for former employees of Microdata Corporation, McDonnell Douglas Information Systems Group, McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Company, Novadyne Computer Systems. Offers reunion news, photo galleries and historical articles.
MultiValue on Google Groups
Discussions to exchange information about all versions of MultiValue/Pick databases, including programming and installation.
OpenQM on Google Groups
Discussion of OpenQM, the only MultiValue/Pick database available as both a fully supported commercial product and in open source form.
PICK-users on Yahoo! Groups
Pick, UniVerse, UniData, jBASE, and any other MultiValue database user support mailing list. Messages to this group were sent from 2000 to 2008.
RBSolutions on Yahoo! Groups
RedBack (now called Rocket Software U2 Web Development Environment) enables rapid object-based Web development for UniData and UniVerse. Messages to this group were sent between 2001 and 2008.
Rocket Software User Group
Represents the broad range of Rocket Software users. In particular, covers UniVerse, UniData, D3 and mvBase databases, plus associated tools.
SBSolutions on Yahoo! Groups
SystemBuilder (now called Rocket Software SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture or SB/XA) is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) and deployment tool that enables quick design of UniData and UniVerse database structures and business logic processes. This group was active from 2000 to 2005.
ScarletDME on Google Groups
Discussions of ScarletDME (Data Management Environment), a community-built MultiValue/Pick database based on the GPL source code released by Ladybridge Systems.
Seattle Area Pick User Group (SAPUG)
Serves the greater Puget Sound region in Washington State, USA as a meeting place for everyone with an interest in MultiValue/Pick databases. Offers networking dinner meetings, training classes and technical publications.
Texas MultiValue Users Group (TexMUG)
A group of end users, developers and suppliers in Texas, USA, networking together to enhance member skills and knowledge.
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