Magazines, manuals, guides for and about various MultiValue/Pick extended relational database management systems.
Anji - The Open Source MultiValue RAD Environment
A Web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MultiValue/Pick data which allows business users to build their own applications.
Bakken Software Services - Tips
Offers suggestions for better use of the MultiValue/Pick query language and Pick/BASIC.
Brian's MultiValue Blog
Thoughts and musings by Brian Leach regarding the worlds of MultiValue/Pick and Rocket Software U2 technology.
D3 Online Reference
A reference guide to the Rocket D3 database provided by Sierra Bravo Corporation.
Database Debunkings
The web site that sets matters straight by dispelling fallacies, misinformation and confusion about database management. The forum for concepts, principles and methods and their practical implications that receive little, incorrect, or no coverage from the trade media and no consideration from vendors and industry pundits.
Database Trends and Applications
Provides coverage of information technology, intelligence and insight needed to conceptualize, plan, initiate, implement and manage large-scale, integrated information-rich projects.
Getting Started in OpenQM - Rush Flat Ltd
A beginner's guide to installing, configuring and using the OpenQM database.
jBASE International - Documentation
Includes jBASE reference manuals for programmers, system administrators and Web developers.
MaVerick - Open Source MultiValue Database Management System
The MaVerick Maintenance Team have put a project together to produce an Open Source Multivalue Database Management System.
The MultiValue Community Ring
Serves the MultiValue/Pick community by offering a Web ring of interconnected sites.
A blog posted by Tony Gravagno. Technical topics include Microsoft .NET, MultiValue/Pick DBMS matters, GUI development, space and time and other matters of science.
Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide
Jonathan E. Sisk's online Pick textbook.
Picktuary MultiValue (Pick/MV) Utilities at
A collection of programs and subroutines to help MultiValue/Pick programmers accelerate development while improving user-friendliness.
Post-Relational Database Reference
A project to document all of the commands in all of the implementations of Post-Relational MultiValue/Pick databases.
Rocket Software: D3 Technical Documentation
Contains manuals for D3, mvBase, FlashConnect and other related tools.
Rocket Software: U2 Developer Zone
Provides resources to help developers of business software applications using UniData and UniVerse MultiValue/Pick databases. Contains technical articles, white papers, tutorials, videos and Webinars.
Rocket Software: U2 Technical Documentation
Contains manuals for UniData, UniVerse, SystemBuilder, U2 Web Development Environment and wIntegrate.
U2-Users Forum
Nabble provides a news forum format for U2-Users and other related discussion lists, including a convenient search capability.
A blog by Dan McGrath about working with Rocket Software U2 technologies, active from 2009 to 2013.
Winter - MultiDimensional Database Management System
A free MultiValue database developed on Linux and designed around a Bytecode interpreter. Winter supports a superset of R83 Pick/BASIC syntax and intrinsics.
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