Software tools used to simplify the task of developing or maintaining Oracle systems.

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.Com Solutions inc
Products for installing and maintaining Oracle. Migration of FileMaker Pro databases to Oracle.
ActiveBase Ltd
Real time performance tuning, particularly geared towards business intelligence and ad-hoc queries.
Windows graphical user interface for Oracle Data Pump. Fully featured and free 'Lite' versions available.
Allround Automations
Query Reporter, simple SQL/HTML reporting (freeware) also PL/SQL Developer tools.
ArtinSoft technology migrates PL/SQL code, objects, forms, menus, libraries, as well as triggers to a Java (J2EE) architecture, maintainable with Oracle JDeveloper.
Aspeda Systems
FusionCode: Monitor, diagnose and alert potential database problems.
BMC Software
Management and administration software covering Oracle, Firewalls, Server management - monitoring and data manipulation.
Bradmark Technologies
Monitoring and management for Oracle databases, operating systems and applications.
CipherSoft Inc.
Upgrade and migration tools that provide a conversion path from Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to the Java architecture (JDeveloper).
Performance tuning, database monitoring and diagnostic tools.
DBA Easy Control for Oracle
Provides database monitoring, automation of routine operations, change log (e.g. history of privilege grants) and a store for database documentation.
Create DDL/SQL/HTML documentation about the structure of an Oracle database. Generate/modify re-creation DDL scripts from an Oracle database.
Web based database SQL query tool providing access to Oracle, MS SQL and MYSQL databases through a web browser.
Application performance monitor for Oracle. Time based resource consumption analysis.
dbXpert for Oracle
SQL Development Tool for Oracle Database developers and administrators.
DDL Wizard
Read Oracle export files and display the Data Definition Language (DDL) commands within. Generate SQL rebuild scripts and HTML documentation.(freeware)
Dynamic PSP
Server-side scripting solutions for Oracle. Extend Oracle with a number of PL/SQL packages.
Easysoft ODBC Driver
Third party supplier of Linux/Unix Oracle ODBC drivers.
Embarcadero Technologies Inc
Cross-platform database administration, development, design, data management, application development, extraction, and data loading.
Gudu Software
Shareware database administration tools.
IC Soft
IC Studio is a Shareware utility that provides GUI tools for ODBC/SQL query and database object management.
KBACE Technologies
Reporting and Business Intelligence tools designed for the Oracle E-Business Suite.
Hora has been designed for database administrators, application programmers, and end-users and contains intuitive user prompting.
Kumaran Systems
Oracle Forms and Reports migration to 6i/9i. Free demo available.
Oracle advanced tuning and monitoring - for DBAs and senior developers.
Merge Oracle data with desktop Geographical Information Systems. 'Radius Topology' for geospatial (mapping) data.
A template-based stored procedure generator (Shareware).
Online backup and archiving for Oracle databases hosted on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.
Lime Software
License inventory software.
Linker IT Consulting
SQL*XL a bridge between MS Excel and Oracle databases.
Graphical User Interface programming tools for both the Oracle Database and MySQL.
Mimer SQL
Embedded SQL solutions, plus an online SQL Validator (for SQL 92, SQL 99 and SQL 2003)
Mobile DBA
DBA tools for wireless database administration (PocketPC or Palm.)
OCILIB provides a simple, reusable and high performance method of accessing an Oracle database. OCILIB is an open source library, encapsulating OCI (Oracle Call Interface.)
Web based analysis of statspack (or AWR) reports. Generate a performance analysis report.
Open ArsDigita Community System
A toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications.
A tool to analyze Oracle trace files (an open source alternative to tkprof) build resource profile, top statements, statistics per statement.
An Oracle alert.log watchdog, simple korn script that checks the Oracle alert log and sends mail when it detects an error.
Oracle 10G Developer Suite
An integrated set of transactional application development and business intelligence tools. Support for multiple programming languages and operating systems.
Oracle Forms Migration
Oracle forms application migration; Forms NOVA can be customized to facilitate direct migration or progressive migration. Downloadable White Papers available.
Oracle load/unload tool
A simple tool for exporting or loading flat data files into Oracle.
A free, web based Oracle DBA tool written in Perl.
A small utility (charityware) which automates the monitoring of multiple database Alert Log files.
ORCL Toolbox
Add-on tools for the Oracle Forms Developer Suite, scripting interface and email tools.
Generate dynamic PDF documents from data stored in Oracle databases using the PL/PDF program package.
Primos - Database analysis software
Database analysis software for Oracle. Monitor multiple machines, alert changes across multiple database instances.
Quintessence Systems
Automated software migration tools for converting PL/SQL into Java.
Redwood Software
Job scheduling tools and web-based reporting tools. Support for SAP, PeopleSoft and Siebel.
Utility to convert Oracle 6i reports (CSS or HTML) to Microsoft Excel (XLS).
RingMaster Software Corporation
Software products that help maintain the Oracle E-Business Suite, such as patch management, change management, cloning, etc.
Document Oracle databases. Export Oracle queries to a Word or HTML document. Compare Oracle database schemas Side-By-Side.
Sequel Solutions
SQLWord, export Microsoft Word documents from Oracle.
Soft Tree
An integrated set of graphical tools for Oracle DBAs and developers.
SoftTree Technologies
Tools for Oracle database SQL coding, reverse-engineering, management, monitoring, benchmarking, and tuning. SQL editor, SQL Navigator, Analyzers and Optimizers.
TOAD (Tool For Application Developers)
A tool for SQL and PL/SQL Developers - also covers most DBA functions. Freeware and fully licensed versions available for download.
Web based Tuning utilities including analysis of SQL_TRACE, SQL Analyzer, iOraBugFinder, iOraHangAnalyzer and iOraDumpReader.
utPLSQL Project
An open source, unit-testing framework for Oracle PL/SQL developers. Created by Steven Feuerstein.
Oracle import and export tools. Load or unload Excel, LOB or flat file data.
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