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Creating a Simple ETL Package for SQL Server
This tutorial walks you through SSIS Designer to create a simple ETL package that includes looping, configurations, error flow logic and logging.
Distributed Partitioned Views
Speeding up large web server databases by using Distributed Partitioned Views on Federated Databases by Don Schlichting.
Distributed Partitioned Views - Federated Databases: Lessons Learned
This article contains information about the things we have learned while working with Federated Databases by Kevin Cox.
How to Transfer SQL Logins between SQL Server 2005 Instances
Articles presents a custom script as well as standard options for moving SQL logins between servers by Tara Kizer.
MS SQL Guide
Series of articles on Microsoft SQL Server tasks.
PIVOT in SQL Server 2005
Learn to combine SQL Server's PIVOT and UNPIVOT commands with Common Table Expressions by Michael Jones.
Pivoting, Un-pivoting and Aggregating
Techniques in pivoting and un-pivoting data, and showing how the use of the CUBE or ROLLUP operator can be a more efficient way of generating reports by Phil Factor.
Replication with SQL Server 2000
Explanation of Replication with SQL Server 2000 by Mahesh Kodli.
Spatial Data with SQL Server 2008
Introduction to Spatial Data concepts as well as detailed SQL Server instructions on use by Jason Follas.
SQL Optimizations School
Contains tutorials and tests for those wanting to learn to write better code. They also have a troubleshooting tool to help people narrow down slowness issues.
SQL Server 2005 Paging
Article explores four approaches for coding SQL when results will be returned to an application that supports paging by Robert Cary.
SQL Server DBA
Various DBA related blog articles.
SQL Server Replication FAQ
FAQs on SQL Server replication and solutions to common problems. By Narayana Vyas Kondreddi.
SQL Server Service Broker Introduction
Introduction and definition of SQL Server Service Broker by Roger Wolter.
Various how to SQL Server blog articles.
Articles, code samples, and tools help with development of robust and flexible Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages.
Unstructured Data SQL 2008
Tutorial on Managing Unstructured Data with SQL Server 2008 by Graeme Malcolm.
User Defined Functions
This article covers all the basics of User Defined Functions. It discusses how (and why) to create them and when to use them by Doug Carpenter,
Using SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor
Article provides a step by step listing of using the SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor by Mike Chapple.
The Future of SQL Data Services with Nigel Ellis
Interview discussing the future direction of SQL Data Services. (April 27, 2009)
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