Computers Software Databases Data Warehousing Data Integrity and Cleansing Tools
Windows utility for protecting the integrity and verifying the accuracy of data files using checksum algorithms.
Address Logics, LLC
USPS address correction and standardization based on genetic coding principles.
Provides multi platform software and online solutions for data quality. Covers 240 countries and includes address correction, matching and data enhancement.
Ataccama Data Quality Center
Technology for complex data quality management initiatives.
Business Data Quality Ltd
Provider of data quality assessment, data profiling and data monitoring products.
Cambia Research
Provides data cleansing software and services.
CCR Data Ltd
UK based data movement and migration company specialising in the cleansing of data through bespoke and cleansing services.
Data8 Ltd
Online data cleansing services including PAF cleansing, goneaway suppression, deceased suppression, teleappending and deduplication.
Open source data quality application for profiling, validating and comparing data.
DataDelta, Inc.
Vendor neutral software that helps analyze and optimize match engines from third-party data quality and customer data integration vendors.
DataMentors, LLC
Provides on-site data quality and matching products such as Datafuse and Validata as well as service bureau processing.
Provides data profiling software with features that include batch profiling, drill down, and pattern analysis.
DQ Global
Software for data deduplication, correct addressing, data cleansing, data conditioning and data enhancement.
DQ Now
Integrating data profiling, cleansing, and match/dedup tools with in-depth interactive reports.
Global-Z International, Inc.
Data processing services including international address hygiene, database management, merge/purge, and list rental fulfillment.
Harte-Hanks Trillium Software
Provides data quality solutions that support the lifecycle of data management.
helpIT systems
Provider of data cleansing software for the PC as well as data bureau services.
Image Partners Limited - NameX
Provides the ability to locate surname variants based on a thesaurus containing variations of surnames.
Informatica Data Quality
Provider of business data quality and data profiling solutions. Formerly Similarity Systems.
InfoRoute Inc.
Developers of address validation and correction, name parsing, and customer matching software.
Intelligent Search Technology, Ltd
Name and address search and matching software.
Kroll-Software - FuzzyDupes
Offers pattern matching algorithms that can find duplicate records in databases.
n-Tier Financial Services, LLC
Provider of Web based software for managing enterprise wide data quality.
Provides enterprise data quality and search software that offers high accuracy, high error-tolerance, easy integration, multilingual support, and scalability -- for both databases and free-text.
NotePage, Inc.
TextPipe Pro sequentially applies filters to incoming text. Filters include search and replace, convert end-of-line characters, remove or insert lines or columns, remove HTML, and remove extra space characters.
Free, open source user space deduplication project released under the GNU GPL and designed to support the needs of virtual environments including the VMware, Xen, and KVM hypervisors.
Potter's Wheel
Berkeley Database group CONTROL Project, an Open Source interactive tool for data cleaning, analysis, and transformation.
S3 Matching Technologies
Provider of TeraMatch, an algorithmic and rules-based matching engine.
The Software Company
Component and standalone software for address verification, validation, formatting, and standardization, as well as name formatting and gender coding.
Syslore Ltd.
Solutions for search, data matching and data quality challenges.
Uniserv GmbH
Provides solutions in address management combined with market orientation and customer proximity. Offers live tests of postal address validation plus address analysis for multiple countries.
WinPure Ltd
Provider of list and data cleansing software, together with a bureau service for verifying, correcting and enhancing both consumer and business data.
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