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Center for Data Insight
A Data Mining facility where all the elements of the Data Mining process coexist in one center of excellence. The Center is partnered with the latest vendors of Data Mining products covering the entire spectrum of the Data Mining process.
Data Mining in Engineering
Group combining modern statistical methods, machine learning, and knowledge of specific application areas to develop new approaches to data mining. University of Toronto.
Data Mining Research Laboratory @ LaTech
Data Mining Research Laboratory at Louisiana Tech University has research specialization in the arena of Bioinformatics, Clinical Imaging and knowledge discovery applications in distributed and heterogeneous data domains.
Data Mining, Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Research, University of Edinburgh
James Malone is a Research Fellow for AIAI at the University of Edinburgh. His research encompasses data mining, machine learning, Bioinformatics and Proteomics. This site also offers a free Association Rule data mining tool - the Armada software.
DBMiner and Data Mining Projects
Intelligent database systems research laboratory, Simon Fraser University. Includes downloadable research theses and publications.
Geoff Webb's Research
Professor of Computer Science at Monash University. Data mining, machine learning and user modeling research includes k-Optimal Rule Discovery (as exemplified by the Magnum Opus system), OPUS (an efficient search algorithm for exploring the space of conjunctive rules), learning complex conditional probabilities from data (as exemplified by the AODE algorithm), MultiBoosting, decision tree grafting and Feature Based Modeling (the first application of an association-rule-like approach to user modeling).
Incremental Learning from Distributed Dynamic Data Sources
Algorithmic and systems solutions for knowledge acquisition from distributed data sets. Work from AIRL, Dept. of CS, Iowa State University.
Interactive Visual Overviews of Large Multi-Dimensional Datasets
Exploratory data analysis through machine learning and visualization. Work from AIRL, Dept. of CS, Iowa State University.
Resource Aware Ubiquitous Data Mining Project
Focus on developing a resource-aware ubiquitous data mining system using different algorithmic and optimization techniques.
University of Helsinki data mining and machine learning project
This website details project developments into methods and tools for analyzing large data sets and for searching for unexpected relationships in the data. The project combines development of combinatorial pattern matching algorithms with statistical techniques and database methods. The project has also studied the construction of efficient predictors from large masses of data.
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