Consulting and service firms for data mining and predictive analytics.

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Abbott Analytics, Inc.
Leads organizations through the process of applying and integrating data mining methods to marketing, research and business endeavors.
Albion Research Ltd.
Risk and Threat Analysis consulting and training.
APower Solutions
A strategic business consultancy providing data mining and technology-based solutions to global companies and small businesses.
Bayser Consulting
A Chicago-based consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing analysis for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics manufacturers. Offer services and tools (for territory alignment, for example)
Boston Data Mining
Independent consulting firm specializing in statistical consulting, data analysis, survey analysis, data mining, and analytical CRM.
Data Explorer Ltd.
Data Explorer Ltd. is the leader Data Mining company in Hungary. Main profile: churn modelling, retail, web mining and CRM.
Data Miners
Consultancy specializing in data mining and data mining education.
A technical consultancy providing statistical data mining, econometric analysis, and data warehousing expertise to the industry, consulting, and research sectors.
David Grossman, Data Architect
Expertise in Information Engineering and datawarehouse design and analysis.
Recognizse the need for customer specific business intelligence about the Internet. Details product and custom tailored intelligence solutions for B2B.
Elder Research
Consulting in the practice and instruction of data mining, discovering useful patterns in data, and successfully harnessing the information gained.
Elite Analytics, LLC
Elite Analytics is a data mining consulting firm specialized compliance management and fraud detection applications. Vertical areas of expertise include: tax compliance, e-commerce fraud, warranty abuse and insurance. In Austin, Texas.
Fractal Analytics
Fractal Analytics offers predictive analytics and scoring Solutions for financial services, consumer products, retail and telecom sectors. Offices in New York, Singapore and Mumbai,but clients worldwide.
InfoMaker Inc.
Consultants specializing in analytics and business intelligence services. Based in Del Mar, California.
LatentView Analytics
Outsourcing services.
Metiri Mensus
Business information consultants that provide specialist services for a range of Decision Support (DSS) and Executive Information (EIS) applications.
Mobile Software, Inc.
Online analytical processing and business intelligence systems.
Model + Mine
Provides information and resources related to data mining, business modeling, and analytical CRM. Dorian wrote the industry-standard work "Data Preparation for Data Mining".
The Modeling Agency
Offer public training courses in data mining and predictive modeling, and consulting and mentorship for developing a predictive modeling factory. Includes details of services offered and a newsletter archive. Based in Pittsburgh, USA.
Nick Haddock
Leading data mining and text mining consulting services.
Praedea Solutions, Inc.
Develops and licenses universal enterprise software solutions providing real-time data extraction from financial/SEC filings and other documents.
Prediction Impact
San Francisco-based consulting firm that provides predictive analytics and data mining services to gain customer intelligence and marketing strategy insights.
Offers data mining, knowledge management and analysis expertise.
Rexer Analytics
Analytic and CRM consulting to deliver insights, drive strategic decisions, and produce measurable results. Based in Boston, Massachusetts.
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