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Build manager tools improve productivity for software builds by providing more functionality than make programs provide. Build manager tools usually include a GUI or web interface, a more convenient build process scripting language, and means for executing all or part of scripted build processes, and for logging and reporting build results. Some of the main characteristics of build manager tools are a GUI interface, increased interaction with builds, a build scripting language or interface, and built-in capabilities for build execution, logging, and reporting.
Open Source - A front-end GUI for creating, debugging, and executing Ant build files. Features standalone operation or integration with the freeware JEdit editor.
Atlassian - A continuous integration (CI) server that also provides Build Telemetry to help identify and highlight trends, patterns, and linkages across builds. It does not just focus on the results of a single build.
Open Source - A Python system to automate the compile/test cycle to validate code changes. Similar to Tinderbox, but simpler.
Open Source - A build system for rebuilding projects at regularly scheduled intervals or when someone changes something. Written in Python, tested on Linux and Windows 2000.
Open Source - Continuum is a continuous integration server for building Java projects. It supports Maven 1.x/2.x, Ant, and Shell scripts.
Open Source - A wrapper program (around Ant) for automating builds. Developed for Java. Has a plugin architecture for e-mail notifications. Provides build results on a web interface.
Open Source - Client/server, multiplatform build reporting system runs predefined builds and sends build results to a central server which displays build histories. No documentation. Part of the GE VTK toolkit project.
VSoft Technologies - A Windows GUI for visually scripting build and release processes. Features include GUI and command line interface, conditional logic constructs, and many prebuilt actions and integrations with third party tools.
Open Source - A continuous integration tool from the Apache project that is written in python and fully supports Apache Ant, Apache Maven and other build tools. Gump builds and compiles software against the latest development versions of those projects.
Open Source - A Java web application for build automation and management. Features project/view configuration, build promotion, user-defined build trigger and success conditions, and remoting api.
Open Source - Apache build manager for Java projects. Features a (POM) Project Object Model, extensible process plugin framework. Functions include build, deployment, and release management, project reporting, and web documentation generation.
Open Source - This Maven companion tool attempts to ease the process of creating correct Maven artifacts out of jars your project depends on so that you can use them in your Maven project.
Viewtier - A build manager that features a web interface, a build step table for adding new build steps using shell scripting commands, repository adaptors for popular CM systems, build logging and storage features, remote build server modes, and scheduled or check-in builds.
Zutubi - Pulse is a Java automated build and continuous integration server. Pulse regularly checks out your project's source code from your SCM server, builds the project and reports on the results.
PMEase - Commercial version of Luntbuild, a Java web application for build automation and management. Features various CM adapters, build promotion, user-defined build steps, concurrent execution of steps, and build artifacts publishing.
JetBrains - server-based web application build and release management system for Java and .Net platforms. Main features include: multiple building computers, personal builds, pre-checked commits, while-running build process reporting, broad support for build tools and version control systems.
Open Source - A Perl build/install/packaging system. Features repository monitoring, initiation of existing build scripts, installation into a virtual root, and packaging of installed software.
Visual Build
Kinook - A Windows GUI for scripting build processes. Features macros, conditional build rules, windows registry tools, failure responses, project wizards, and vsmake. Integrates with IDEs.
SCADA Soft AG - A web build manager with more than 200 native drivers. Website in German.
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