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XTC Abandonware
Large abandonware database offering downloads, reviews, ratings, and forums.
Large database of DOS abandonware games, many of which are available for download. Site editors provide reviews and ratings of games, and users can also leave their own ratings. Offers FAQs, articles, and a forum.
Abandonware DOS
Database of DOS abandonware, many available for download. Also offers an FAQ, and user ratings.
Classic Gaming Network
Provides a large database of abandonware games for various platforms and consoles, including downloads and reviews. Also offers a database of useful applications, FAQ, cheats, and forums.
The DOS Spirit
Games database offering reviews, ratings, and a forum. Primarily Norwegian.
Free Oldies
Offers a database of games (including a game music section), with download links and user ratings. Also provides forums and online chat (in French).
Game Graveyard
Archive of abandonware games, with chat and forums.
Selection of games, screenshots, reviews and solutions, along with some Flash remakes.
Glenn's Guides
Weblog offering download links to games, alongside guides on running the games on modern systems.
The Good Old Days
Games database including downloads and user reviews, for a large number of systems. Also offers several applications, forums, how-tos, and a FAQ.
Liquid DOS Games
A repository of configured and tested DOS games for D-Fend Reloaded. Large selection of games, package repository for D-Fend Reloaded provided.
Mac Attic
A collection of Macintosh abandonware from systems 6.0 - 9.2.
Macintosh Garden
Archive of Macintosh abandonware primarily focused on games, although there is a section for applications. Users can leave ratings and comments. Also provides guides on using various Mac emulators, a forum, and chat.
My Abandonware
Database of abandonware, with downloads and user comments.
Old Games
Over 5000 classic PC and Amiga games for download, with reviews, screenshots, and utilities.
Provides older versions of different applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also includes software version release dates, changelog, system requirements and checksums.
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