Computers Security Products and Tools Forensics and Anti-Forensic Degaussers
Degaussing equipment permanently destroys data on hard disks and backup media. Generally used by businesses when they are disposing of computer storage media/disk drives that previous held sensitive data.

Forensics tools help to recover data from disk drives that has been deleted / corrupted.

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Supplier of forensics tools for acquisition, decryption, analysis and reporting of digital evidence.
Data Devices International: Degaussers
Provides information on a complete line of degaussers, including manual units, and related equipment.
Data Eliminate Ltd.
London-based company providing secure disposal of storage media (computer disks, paperwork etc.).
Data Security Inc.
Department of Defense approved Degaussers for declassifying or destroying data on computer hard drives, hard disks and all types of magnetic tape formats.
A range of Magnetic Media Degaussers including security approved PC hard drive erasers.
Digital Detective Group Ltd.
Provider of digital forensic software capable of analysing forensic images for browser histories, Outlook Express and other files.
Digital Intelligence
Hardware and software for the computer forensic community, law enforcement, intelligence organizations, and corporate security professionals.
Garner Products
Manufacturer of degaussers for erasing data and audio tapes, hard drives and other magnetic media. Also provide a mail-in degaussing service and equipment rentals.
Guidance Software
Supplier of EnCase computer forensics software and hardware, plus training.
H-11 Digital Forensic Services
Supplier of forensics hardware, software, training and services, including cellphone forensics.
Hot Pepper Technology, Inc.
E-Mail Detective can retrieve AOL email that has been cached or saved on a user's disk drive, complete with embedded pictures.
Logicube Forensics
Suppliers of products for forensic data capture, storage, communications and analysis.
Simple Carver Suite
Software tools for forensic analysis, eDiscovery, data recovery, file identification and classification, and data research.
The Sleuth Kit
The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Browser are UNIX open source digital forensic analysis tools, based on The Coroner's Toolkit, used to examine NTFS, FAT, FFS, EXT2FS and EXT3FS files.
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