WORM virus launched May 4, 2000. Worst of its kind to date.
'Love Bug' bites UK
A global computer virus dubbed the "Love Bug" is wreaking havoc on computer networks across the UK. [BBC News]
'Love Bug' bites UK hard
Businesses are counting the cost of the 'Love Bug' virus which caused many to shut down their communication systems. [BBC News]
'Love' virus chaos spreads
A computer virus dubbed the Love Bug has wreaked havoc in the US after crippling businesses and government in Asia and Europe. [BBC News]
Hunting e-criminals
With police forces around the world on the trail of the perpetrator of the e-mail "Love Bug", how are cyber-criminals tracked down?
Love Bug may have been accident
A Filipino computer student says he may have accidentally released the Love Bug virus that crippled computer e-mail systems worldwide. [BBC News]
Love Bug probe widened
Philippine investigators identify 53 people for questioning about the 'Love Bug' virus which crippled computers around the world. [BBC News]
Love Bug revenge theory
The Love Bug computer virus may have been unleashed by a Filipino student angered by the failure of his thesis, police believe. [BBC News]
Love Bug suspect 'a woman'
A young female computer student is said to be behind the Love Bug virus, but police fear she may have destroyed key evidence. [BBC News]
Love Bug suspect detained
Philippines police are questioning a man in connection with the "Love Bug" computer virus attack that caused chaos across the world. [BBC News]
Love Bug suspect held
Police in the Philippines detain a man suspected of creating the Love Bug computer virus. [BBC News]
Love bug virus originator under surveillance
Police in the Philippines say they have identified and placed under surveillance the originator of the computer virus which paralysed computer systems around the world last week. [BBC News]
Love Bug: Police raid home
Philippines police move in against the suspected creator of the Love Bug computer virus. [BBC News]
Papers fall for Love Bug
The papers debate whether the Love Bug computer virus is cyber-terrorism or just a sign that office workers yearn for love. [BBC News]
Philippines police raid Love Bug house
Police in the Philippines say they have raided the house of the person suspected of creating the Love Bug computer virus that paralysed computers world wide last week. [BBC News]
Police close in on Love Bug culprit
Philippine police say they are close to catching the programmer suspected of creating the crippling Love Bug computer virus. [BBC News]
Police hunt Love Bug gang
Investigators have evidence that 10 people were connected to the Love Bug computer virus as a key suspect is released. [BBC News]
Q&A: The Love Bug
Makers of anti-virus software talk about the Love Bug computer virus, both why it happened and how to keep it from happening again. [BBC News]
The spread menace
The "Love Bug" virus that has infected thousands of computers is certain of a place in the computer virus hall of infamy. [BBC News]
Virus copycats threaten havoc
New versions of the devastating Love Bug computer virus are threatening to wreak fresh computer chaos across the world. [BBC News]
Virus hits secret Pentagon network
US classified military systems have been infected by the Love Bug computer virus which is causing havoc around the world. [BBC News]
Four suspects in Love Bug probe
Authorities in the Philippines identify four suspects in the "Love Bug" computer virus attack. [BBC News] (May 12, 2000)
Linux Users Unscathed By ILOVEYOU
[Slashdot] (May 10, 2000)
Filipino 'Love Bug' suspect freed
Police in the Philippines say a man detained in connection with the computer virus that paralysed systems world-wide last week, has been released. [BBC News] (May 09, 2000)
Arrest In The ILOVEYOU Case
[Slashdot] (May 08, 2000)
FBI launches Love Bug inquiry
The FBI begins a criminal investigation into the computer virus that crippled business and government computers across the world. [BBC News] (May 05, 2000)
Computer Bug Strikes Parliament
A new computer virus has been causing havoc in the United States, having surfaced in the Far East and spread round the world in a matter of hours. [BBC News] (May 04, 2000)
I Love You Virus Hates Everyone
[Slashdot] (May 04, 2000)
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