Academic view of Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention and Security Information Management. Focus on technologies, methods, and data analysis related to IDS/IPS and SIM.

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Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection
The RAID workshop series is an annual event dedicated to the sharing of information related to the intrusion-detection area.
The Center for Secure and Dependable Software(University of Idaho)
Hummer is a distributed component for any Intrusion Detection System ; Magpie is a hierarchical network of lightweight, mobile, and adaptive tools designed to both investigate and guard against intrusions.
COAST Intrusion Detection Pages
Perdue University's clearinghouse for intrusion detection information. Includes overviews, policy, detection methods, and tools.
Common Intrusion Detection Framework (CIDF)
Aims to develop protocols and application programming interfaces so that intrusion detection research projects can share information and resources and so that intrusion detection components can be reused in other systems.
Cost-sensitive intrusion detection(Georgia Institute of Technology)
A Data Mining Approach for Building Cost-sensitive and Light Intrusion Detection Models
Intrusion Detection Analysis: A Case Study
A case study/research paper providing detailed analysis of several anomalous network events to illustrate the techniques for examining alerts and logs generated by a network intrusion detection system.
Intrusion Detection in Columbia University
This project is a data-mining based approach to detecting intruders in computer systems. The project approaches the intrusion detection problem from a data-mining perspective. Large quantities of data are collected from the system and analyzed to build models of normal behavior and intrusion behavior. These models are evaluated on data collected in real time to detect intruders.
Intrusion detection projects at UC Davis
Anomaly Detection in Database Systems, Common Intrusion Detection Framework, Intrusion Detection and Isolation Protocol / IDIP, Intrusion Detection for Large Networks, Misuse Detection and Workshop for Intrusion Detection and Response Data Sharing.
Intrusion Detection Research Group(NCSU)
The Intrusion Detection (ID) Research Group at NC State University was formed by Dr. Peng Ning in August 2002.
Intrusion Detection User Group
A group mailing focusing on security information management, intrusion response, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, intrusion management and honeynets/honeypots.
Minnesota Intrusion Detection System (MINDS)
Research project focused on the development of high-performance data mining algorithms and tools that will provide support required to analyze the massive data sets generated by various processes that monitor computing and information systems.
Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection Symposium 2004
International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection. Held in conjunction with ESORICS 2004, September 15-17, 2004. The RAID International Symposium series is intended to advance the field of intrusion detection by promoting the exchange of ideas on a broad range of topics, bringing together leading experts from academia, government, and industry to discuss state-of-the-art intrusion detection technologies and issues from research and commercial perspectives.
Research project that utilizes network attack variations to make more precise statements about the detection capabilities of an IDS.
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