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Promise of P3P stalls as backers regroup
Six months after its recommendation as an Internet standard, a major privacy initiative is entering an awkward adolescence as software heavyweights adopt it and individual Web sites leave it to languish. (October 29, 2002)
Cover Pages: W3C Releases P3P 1.0 as a Recommendation.
Cover Pages article with links to specifications, websites and tools. (April 17, 2002)
Finally, Agreement on P3P
The World Wide Web Consortium reaches cross-industry agreement on an XML-based language for expressing Web site privacy policies. (April 16, 2002)
E-Commerce News: White House, Industry Giants Back Net Privacy Project
Everything you need to know about doing business on the Internet. Information for C-Level executives and small-to-mid-sized business managers. (June 27, 2000)
Pretty Poor Privacy: An Assessment of P3P and Internet Privacy
A critical article published by Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Junkbusters. (June 01, 2000)
Promises, Promises, Promises-A Closer Look at P3P
Andy Oram article discussing P3P as a social protocol, as well as his views of the motivations behind the protocol. (April 14, 2000)
The W3C, P3P and the Intermind Patent
XML.com article. Claims of patent infringement and the potential implications for implementors of the W3C's Platform for Privacy Preferences framework (November 03, 1999)
Analysis of P3P and US Patent 5,862,325
This Note is a response to a request from the W3C for Pennie and Edmonds' opinion as to whether implementations of the W3C's Platform for Privacy Preferences Project ("P3P") specification would infringe any claim of Intermind's U.S. Patent No. 5,862,325. (October 27, 1999)
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