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Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet
Information about securing communications and files on the internet.
Big Brother Inside
Criticisms of Intel's Processor Serial Number (PSN) feature on its Pentium III chips. Argues that the PSN endangers internet users' privacy.
Cookies and Cache Tutorial
What they are for, what good they do, and how they affect you. Parasites
Information on various types of unsolicited commercial software, its risks and removal techniques.
Former Government Secrets
View scanned images of previously classified government documents obtained by EPIC under the Freedom of Information Act.
Google Corporate Information: Software Principles
A proposal to help fight deceptive Internet software.
Information Archives
Reference archives to assist in navigating the Internet safely.
Litigation Docket
Learn about the privacy, First Amendment, and Freedom of Information Act court cases brought by the legal team at EPIC. Defending your rights in cyberspace.
Packet Sniffing Guide
Guide to packet sniffing, including sniffer links, sniffer defence and online downloadable crash course
Privacy Directory
Information and news stories on privacy issues for the Internet.
Privacy Guard
Online resource and discussion forum for views on privacy and maintaining internet security.
Privacy Resources
Issues affecting privacy, security, anonymity, and encryption on the internet.
Privacy Scan
Information on computer privacy issues, policy and legislation in Canada.
Privacy Tactics
Print and eBook for protecting personal information assets.
Spector Professional Review and Commentary
Does Spectorsoft spy on the spies who use Spector Pro?
Security and privacy issues for Internet users.
The Raw Story - AT&T whistleblower: I Was Forced to Connect Big Brother Machine
News article and video interview on a former AT&T technician who hooked up US government spying equipment monitoring the public, in spite of Bush Administration denials. (November 07, 2007)
NPR : Escaping the Google Spotlight
Some people go to great lengths to keep their names off the search engine Ann Harrison of Wired News tells Scott Simon how to pursue the goal of becoming un-Googleable. [2:56 streaming audio broadcast] (October 08, 2005)
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