Organizations providing computer security training.
The Henderson Group
Provides information, resources, newsletters, and training information for computer security professionals and to IT and IS auditors.
CERT is the Computer Emergency Response Team that was founded at Carnegie Mellon shortly after the first worm, the Morris worm, caused havoc over a decade ago. CERT offers training to organizations to mitigate security vulnerabilities and respond to security incidents.
Provides information security awareness training and policy affirmation solutions for end-users, and carries out custom e-learning projects for security product and service vendors.
CyberEvidence, Inc.
Trains computer investigators in the art of forensics data recovery and analysis of evidence relating to digital crimes.
CyberSecurity Institute
CyberSecurity School offers security services and training on all aspects of computing and network security.
Offers consulting, training and certification in the communications, information technology and IT security arenas.
George Lekatis
Certified professional available for direct consulting, training sessions and speaking engagements.
i-TotalSecurity Consulting Ltd
A research and training organization providing IT and information security governance training, practical security skills, incident handling, and digital forensics. Located in Hong Kong.
Computer based information security awareness training course compatible with BS7799 standard.
Interpact, Inc.
Offers a range of security awareness services for organizations, both government and commercial.
Offers training with an on-site lab environment that allows for hands on experience with real equipment and without simulators. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Jeremy Martin
Offering information security training. Classes include CISSP courses, ethical hacking bootcamps,and computer forensics investigation instruction. [Requires Flash plugin]
Provides information security training and certification preparation courses. Also provides consulting services.
Learn Security
Online computer security training courses. Free course lectures are available as previews.
Mahindra Special Services Group
Provides training through flash films, interactive training sessions, posters, deskmates, audio visual films, screensavers and wallpapers.
R-Factor Solutions
Audit, security, and risk management training. Current course details and online registration.
ROMAN - Consulting & Engineering AG
Provides a range of training and certification coruses as well as consulting services.
Secure Application Development
Training course focused on improving application developers' security skills. Located in Brussels, Belgium.
Provider of network security training and specializing in firewalls, VPN, IDS, encryption, scanners and penetration testing.
Ultima Risk Management
Providers of information security and risk management consultancy and certification training. Located in the United Kingdom.
VPN Dynamics Inc.
Check Point/Nokia Security certification and hands-on hacking training throughout the United States. An official Check Point authorized training center.
Westbrook Data Protection Services
Services and training for compliance projects in the field of data protection.
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