Computers Security Consultants Forensics and Incident Response
Organizations providing security incident response or computer forensics.

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Cell Site Analysis experts, mobile telephone evidence, SIM card examinations, and billing schedule assessment by certified and experienced court expert witnesses.
Provides mobile device forensics, cell-site analysis, and computer evidence analysis.
American Data Services
Offers electronic discovery, data culling, computer forensics, and litigation support.
The American Society of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery (ASDFED)
Dedicated to the advocacy, education, research, and distribution of information related to digital forensics and electronic discovery best practices.
Arsenal Consulting
Provides computer forensics, information security, and electronic discovery services in Boston and throughout New England.
ASR Data
Develops specialized software and training designed to facilitate the preservation, collection and analysis of electronic data for use in the legal arena.
Athena Forensics
Provides digital forensic investigation services. Focusing on computer crime and misuse on behalf of legal practitioners, companies, local governments and law enforcement agencies.
Specializes in electronic discovery and technological litigation support
Binary Intelligence, LLC
Provides expert services in the areas of computer forensics, cell phone forensics, chip-off forensics, high-tech investigations, electronic discovery and data recovery. Based in Ohio, USA.
A computer forensics and electronic discovery consulting firm.
BlackBag Technologies Inc.
Provides Mac-based data forensic and eDiscovery solutions.
Blue Line Forensics, LLC
Computer Forensics in the California area.
Burgess Computer Forensics
A provider of computer forensics, data recovery and electronic discovery services.
Business Intelligence Associates
Provides advanced computer forensic training, services and hardware.
CCL Solutions Group Ltd.
Provides computer security and forensic services for companies and the police services.
Computer forensics and security. Investigation and retrieval of deleted documents, spreadsheets, electronic mail and internet activity.
Computer Evidence Recovery
Computer forensics and computer investigations including email tracing and internet profiling.
Computer Forensic Labs Inc.
Offers services in computer forensics, forensic data recovery, and electronic evidence discovery. Also available for expert witness services.
Computer Forensic Services, Inc
Provides evidence discovery, analysis, reporting and testimony to small and large businesses, attorneys, law enforcement, accountants, private investigators and to the general public.
Computer Forensic Services, Inc.
Provides electronic discovery, forensic analysis, litigation and law enforcement support, CLE training, crashed drive and deleted files recovery. Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA.
Computer Forensics Online, LTD
Offers forensic services in the UK and Worldwide for both criminal and civil matters.
Offers computer forensic services to clients in the fields of audit, investigations and oversight.
Continuum Worldwide
Provides digital forensic services to help collect, preserve, analyze and produce information about digital evidence.
CY4OR Limited
Providing proactive and reactive computer forensic investigation services. Focusing on computer crime, misuse and fraud on behalf of companies, local governments and law enforcement agencies.
Cyber Forensics Ltd
Investigates computer crime, and supplies forensic investigation equipment and software.
Cyber Law Consulting
Provides legal consulting, cyber forensics, cyber crime investigation, audit and training services. Based in Mumbai, India.
Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC
Provides digital computer and cell phone forensic examination services. Based in Connecticut, USA.
CyberEvidence, Inc.
Provider of computer and digital forensics investigations and training.
Provides computer investigation and forensics services. Located in Devon, United Kingdom.
Data Forté
Provides electronic evidence preservation services, electronic discovery consulting, and civil litigation support.
Provides educational articles on data recovery, computer technology and forensics, and law enforcement. Includes details of services offered.
Provides incident prevention and response services and products. Based in Italy.
Provider of computer and mobile phone forensic services for legal, corporate and private customers.
Digital Evidence International Inc.
Provider of computer forensics, electronic discovery, and internet investigation services. Located in London, Ontario, Canada.
Digital Forensic Solutions
Provides personalized case specific analysis and explanation for use in civil litigation for law firms, corporations or individual clients.
Digital Intelligence
Computer forensic solutions including software, hardware, training and casework.
Digital Mountain
Provides electronic discovery, computer forensics, electronic evidence collection and expert witness services to law firms and corporations nationwide.
Discovery Computers and Forensics
Computer examiners specializing in e-discovery and computer forensics.
Provides data discovery and forensics for civil litigation.
Evidence Talks
Services include mobile phones as well as computers, training on evidence handling and computer forensics.
Expert Data Forensics
Provides data forensic investigation and data recovery services for civil litigation, domestic disputes and criminal investigations.
Expert Insights, Computer Forensics
Professional computer forensics, incident response, and litigation support services.
Fields Associates
Specializes in capturing, processing, preserving and investigating data from computers using methodologies that ensure the admissibility of discovered digital evidence in a court of law.
Forensic Computer Service, Inc.
Provides data acquisition, analysis and recovery for civil, criminal, corporate/internal investigations and data recovery. Located in St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Forensic Concepts LLC
Offers computer forensic examinations and electronic discovery services.
Forensic Control
A provider of computer forensics and penetration testing services located in the UK.
Forensic Pursuit
Provides computer forensic and e-discovery services to attorneys and businesses.
Forensicon, Inc.
Specializes in computer forensics and electronic discovery especially internal investigations and litigation pertaining to the misappropriation of intellectual property.
G-C Partners
Computer forensics company providing expert testimony, limited litigation support and training.
Global Digital Forensics
Provides analysis of all types of digital assets for corporate clients and electronic document discovery for law firms.
Griffin Forensics
Providing solutions relating to computer forensics and mobile phone analysis.
Provider of data recovery, data erasure and computer forensics, with headquarters in Norway, offices in a number of other European countries and in the United States. Subsidiary of Kroll Ontrack.
ICG, Inc.
Conducts Internet-based investigations to identify individuals and groups engaging in improper or illegal activities.
Provides services to reduce the risk of cyber crimes for organizations by identifying electronic assets and the potential risks imposed by outside and inside sources.
Provides computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, forensic data recovery and expert witness services. Located in the United Kingdom.
The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS)
Dedicated to the training and information sharing aspects of computer forensics for law enforcement and government employees.
The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners - ISFCE
Dedicated to the advancement of the science of forensic computer examinations.
Provides computer, mobile phone, PDA and GPS forensic investigative and litigation consulting services to attorneys, private investigators and corporate clientele.
JurInnov Ltd.
Provides computer forensics services to the business and legal communities.
Kazeon Systems, Inc
A provider of electronic discovery and risk management solutions.
Kroll Ontrack
Provider of computer forensics, electronic disclosure & courtroom services for the collection, processing, investigation, production and presentation of electronic and paper-based evidence for law firms, government & corporations.
LGC Forensics
Provides forensic services, covering computers, mobile phones, cell site analysis, traditional document forensics and Imagery and audio forensics.
MacForensicsLab Inc.
Provides cross-platform computer forensics tools for digital forensics and e-discovery.
MD5 Limited
Computer forensics investigations and digital evidence recovery. Located in the United Kingdom.
Full-service computer forensics lab that also provides vendor-neutral Hands-On How-To(r) training in forensics and incident response. Use real-world forensics cases and latest commercial and freeware tools.
Protegga LLC
Provider of computer forensics, technical litigation support, forensic data recovery, e-discovery, and expert witness testimony.
Rehman Technology Services, Inc.
Provides computer examination and expert testimony in civil litigation, employment related investigations, and criminal prosecutions.
Renew Data Corp.
Offers data recovery, computer forensics, and media or data conversions.
A forensic technology firm specialising in computer forensics, electronic disclosure and discovery.
Setec Investigations
Offers expertise in computer forensics and electronic discovery, including highly personalized, case-specific forensic analysis and litigation support services.
SGC Computer Forensics, LLC
Provides computer forensic and data recovery services for law firms and law enforcement agencies in Florida and Nationally.
Sherlock Forensics
An eDiscovery, computer forensics and information security company. Based in Burnaby, BC, Canada.
Consultancy company specializing in computer forensics and incident handling. Based in Poland.
Stroz Friedberg, LLC
A computer forensics, computer investigations, expert witness and electronic discovery technical services firm.
TAC Forensics
Provides forensic examinations of computers, mobile phones and PDAs to attorneys, private investigators,business, government, law enforcement.
Technical Resource Center
Provides investigations, products, and training. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Veridicus Inc
Offers personal and corporate forensics to provide evidence in fraud, human resource issues, policy violations, and socially unacceptable behavior.
Vestige Ltd
Retrieval of relevant data from computer systems for use in case law and litigation.
Mobile security solutions and research powered by forensics.
Vincents Forensic Technology
Provides computer forensic technology services, including the analysis and presentation of digital evidence. Based in Australia.
WestNet, LLC
A provider of computer forensics, data recovery and security audits for clients located in Los Angeles.
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