Listing of companies who offer more than one mode of biometric services. (For example, face recognition and fingerprint recognition).

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AcSys Biometrics Corp.
Provider of neural technology applications for the financial, manufacturing, security and medical sectors. Owns exclusive worldwide HNet license for face and speech recognition applications.
Aditech Ltd
Supply a wide range of iris recognition solutions, including access control, attendance systems and custom identification packages. Site provides details of the sales, service and technical support available.
Almex Ltd. (USA)
Hand and fingerprint recognition devices vendor.
Autostar Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore)
A Hardware and Software Developer and Solutions Provider for fingerprint recognition and identification on access control and time and attendance systems.
Axis Software Pvt. Ltd
Offer access control systems with integrated fingerprint recognition for banking, desktop security and time and attendance systems. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Bergdata GmbH, (Bonn, Germany)
Fingerprint recognition with Thomson-CSF thermal fingerchip.
BIO-key International
Fingerprint verification systems for authenticating access to web applications. Also offer a verification engine in a development kit.
BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of fingerprint access control and time attendance control systems. Also produce USB mice and scanners. Head office in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Biometric Associates, Inc.
Developer of fingerprint identification system modules for biometric smartcards and subsystems.
Biometric Information Management
Consulting on biometric identification products for corporations and criminal justice agencies.
Biometrics Direct
Provides secure biometric authentication products, software and services for home and corporate use.
BiometriKa (Italy)
Italian company develops and offers OEM versions of the FX 2000 fingerprint scanner engine.
Cassini (PL)
Polish manufacturer of biometric identification solutions.
Cherry Americas, LLC
Manufacturer of keyboards and computer mice incorporating fingerprint recognition, barcode, magstripe and smartcard technology.
creator of Sign-it and other electronic signature software which authenticate electronic handwritten signatures and original contents of digital documents and digital forms.
Cogent Systems
Offers fingerpint recognition software and hardware for access control.
Offers signature authentication and verification solutions.
A biometric identity management company offering a unique approach to enterprise security - a Biometric Trust Infrastructure.
Dermalog GmbH (Germany)
Software house offering biometric identification and security systems (fingerprint and hand geometry). Based in Hamburg.
Digital Descriptor Systems Inc.(DDSI - USA)
optical fingerprint recognition.
Digitus s.r.o. (CZ)
vendor of fingerprint and hand geometry recognition devices in Czech Republic
East Shore Technologies
Automated fingerprint identification system ( AFIS ) search matching algorithmic software supplier and provider of fingerprint identification search / authentication systems.
Ex-Clé (Argentina)
Argentinian Company specialized in Biometrics, Fingerprint and Eye Iris recognition.
FaceBase, Inc.
Provides biometric face recognition applications using undithered bilevel images, reducing the risks of "racial profiling" and identify theft based on facial photos.
FaceKey Corp.
Access control and time and attendance products that combine face and fingerprint recognition.
Fingerprint Cards AB
Design and manufacture fingerprint verification subsystems for integration into other hardware products. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
FingerPrint USA
Consulting and technical services in fingerprint biometric technologies and the specification, development and acquisition of complex automated identification systems.
Fraunhofer IIS(Germany)
SEZAM - Face and voice recognition
Hectrix Limited
Provider of smart card and biometric authentication Internet Appliances for e-commerce, m-commerce, PC-network security, secure access and secure communication. Hong Kong
Humanscan AG
Offer BioID product that combines face, lip movement and voice recognition. Based in Sarnen, Switzerland.
Manufacturer of fingerprint and facial biometric, RFID and touch pad based access control products. Based in South Korea.
ImageWare Software, Inc. (USA)
PC-based digital imaging, face recognition, software solutions for the law enforcement industry.
Instytut Maszyn Matematycznych (PL)
access control software and hardware with fingerprint recognition.
Intuate Biometrics (Spain)
Distributes and provides consulting services for fingerprint security identification and authentication systems in Spain.
ITC (Italy)
SpotIt! - an integrated system for the creation of photographic quality composites which is able to create, find, compress, and morph faces.
J. Markowitz
Offers consulting services and publications specializing on the applications of speech recognition.
Key Tronic (USA)
Keyboards with fingerprint recognition
Keyware Technologies (USA)
Biometric identification solutions for business applications.
Mesa SIC (Italy)
Italian manufacturer of biometric security devices including fingerprint scanners and access control solutions.
Miaxis Biometrics Co.(China)
offers advanced, reliable and cost efficient identification solutions to a dynamic global market
Mitretek: Biometric Identification
Offers full biometric systems, life cycle support and specialty in independent, objective large-system performance analysis for Government organizations.
Net Nanny (USA)
Keystroke Dynamics
AFIS, fingerprint, iris and face recognition as SDK or source code with full algorithm. Technology details, download, and ordering information. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Offers fingerprint and face recognition products.
Nuance Communications, Inc
Natural language speech recognition systems for self-service transactions and network applications.
OKI (Japan)
Iris recognition
Optel (Poland)
Fingerprint recognition with ultrasonic holography, recognizes living fingers. Software for fingerprint recognition. Synthesis of fingerprints (compression - 8 bytes needed). Ultrasonic technology, research and development in biometric and acoustics.
Pontis Research Inc.
Specializes in information security consulting and custom development to the area of strong authentication and biometric recognition.
Precise Biometrics (Sweden)
fingerprint identification (software and processors).
Print Electronics (India)
Access Control with fingerprint recognition
Rayco Security, Inc. (CA)
Biometric systems vendor: devices, software.
Sagem Morpho, Inc.
Offers optical fingerprint recognition systems.
SecuGen Corporation (USA)
Biometric Solution Provider. Manufacturer of fingerprint recognition devices for integration into 3rd party hardware products and offer total biometric solution into market segments such as e-Commerce, Healthcare, Financial Services Industries, and Network Security.
Securstar GmbH
German company offers biometric (fingerprint) and smartcard readers.
Sentry Kids
manufacturer of portable electronic fingerprinting and digital imaging systems designed for children.
Simple Technology Inc. (Canada)
Canadian Distribution source for biometrics, smart cards, and other computer components.
Sonda (RU)
Afis system
Startek Engineering Incorporated (Taiwan)
Design and manufacture fingerprint verification solutions for access control purposes.
Time One
Offer time and attendance systems that utilise fingerprint verification.
Time&Technology Inc. (USA)
produces NextTime and HandLink software for the HandPunch biometric reader by Recognition Systems.
TMA Associates (CA)
publications and consulting in speech recognition and other advanced speech technologies, including SPECH RECOGNITION UPDATE newsletter. Includes recent news. TMA also publishes market studies.
Ultra-Scan Corp. (USA)
Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition (mechanical scanning acoustic microscopy devices), one-to-one verification software and one-to-many cold search software.
Voice Security Systems (VSS)
uses the voice's multitude of speech tones and tempos to uniquely identify individuals.
Yasmin Teknologies (Malaysia)
Fingerprint identification and access control solutions provider and integrator in Malaysia.

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