Computers Security Authentication
Authentication is the method a computer uses to ensure that you are who you say you are. Authentication can be as simple as requesting a password. More complex authentication schemes involve voice printing technology, fingerprint or retinal scans. In some systems, users carry smart cards which are part of the authentication.

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Finally Software
Enterprise security solutions based on PKI and Kerberos. Also offer a secure terminal emulator for connecting to Unix servers from Windows. Product information and downloadable evaluation software.
IIS User Authentication Tutorial
Information on various methods for WWW password protection using Internet Information Server (IIS). Text-based tutorial with some screenshots.
Functions with Internet Information Server to secure web sites. Includes live demo.
Intertrust Technologies Corporation
Develops general purpose digital rights management platform which serves as foundation for providers of digital information, technology and commerce services to participate in a global system for digital commerce. (Nasdaq: ITRU).
Liberty Alliance Project
Standards organization with a global membership that provides a holistic approach to identity through open technical specifications. Specifications, initiatives and membership.
M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.
ID-Synch, identity management software for managing user administration processes. Product information, customers, press releases and contact details.
NMA, Inc.
ZSentry two-factor authentication solution. Product information, white papers and contact details.
The Open Group: Identity Management Forum
Consortium promoting open standards-based identity management. Includes downloadable white papers and information on current projects.
Open Systems Management
Password synchronization and role based access control across UNIX, Windows NT and resident applications. Site contains FAQs.
Password Management
Paper by M. Bishop, 1991. Discusses problems of password selection and password management, and identifies relevant techniques. [PDF]
A Proactive Password Checker
Paper by M. Bishop, 1991. The author describes a technique, and a mechanism, to allow users to select passwords which to them are easy to remember but to others would be very difficult to guess. [Postscript]
Secure Remote Passwords
Software integrates into existing networked applications. Secure telnet and FTP available. Open source. User and technical documentation as well as source code.
Makers of several related products. Includes rationale as well as usage information.
Makers of both software and hardware systems. Demos, case studies and product information.
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