It can be easier to control robots using software, rather than hardware. This allows for upgrades and modifications to be made to the robot's systems - which may offset the higher development costs.
A complete Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) control system with 3 axis IMU/INS+GPS. Autopilot is Free Software and, along with the associated hardware designs, is licensed under the GNU GPL.
Carnegie Mellon Robot Navigation Toolkit
CARMEN is modular, Open Source C software designed to provide basic navigation primatives including: base and sensor control, obstacle avoidance, localization, path planning, people-tracking, and mapping. Licensed under the GNU GPL.
Dave's Multi-tasking Sumo Robot Program
Multi-tasking control program for a Sumo robot equipped with multiple sensors. C source code for the 68HC11 Handiboard.
Reversed-engineered, Open Source control software for robots made by the now defunct Nomadic Technologies, Inc.. Written in C and released under the GNU GPL.
EGgO Educational Robotics Platform
A software platform and associated hardware with a focus on educational use. Software can handle 100+ I/O ports, up to 12-16 servos and many DC motors. EGgO is written in Python, runs on Linux and is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
Event-driven controller for small remote robots. This approach uses a MIDI-style object mechanism for controlling over the internet. JINI and Java based.
Java Interface for Mitsubishi RVM1 Robot. Control and camera interfaces are provided. Open Source software released under the BSD license.
A Linux-based control and monitor program for the Khepera robot. C++ source is included. License prohibits most non-educational use.
Mobile and Autonomous Robotics Integration Environment
MARIE is a development and integration environment built over a communication layer. Its main goal is to integrate other robotics software such as Player/Stage, CARMEN, and RobotFlow. MARIE is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
Official production releases and source code from the now defunct Nomadic Technologies, Inc. Source code to all drivers, libraries and applications is now under the GNU GPL license.
PC/104 Robotics Drivers
For PC/104+ users. Includes Linux drivers for the ACCES 104-DIO-48S digital I/O board, up to 8 Polaroid ultrasonic sensors, and an interface to a PIC controller for motor control with encoder feedback. Free Software written in C and licensed under the GNU GPL.
Peeves Control Program
PID-based odometry and dead-reckoning for a mobile robot with differential steering, implemented for a Lego RCX module. Detailed article describes theory of operation. Open Source software written in the NQC language and released under an MIT license.
A collection of C++ libraries that form the Open Source control software used in the RHex hexapod robot. The code was developed for the QNX RTOS but also runs on Linux. Released under the BSD license.
A multiprocess robotic "nervous system" that will allow a four-legged robot to control itself autonomously in nine degrees of freedom. Robosoft is Open Source C++ code under the BSD license.
Robot Control C Library
RCCL is a library of C routines for doing real-time control and graphic simulation of a number of industrial robots, primarily PUMAs. License allows non-commercial use only.
An Open Source C++ library for sequential localisation and map-building. Modular design makes it suitable for robot navigation in 1D, 2D or 3D with arbitrary sensing capabilities. Licensed under GNU GPL.
A platform independent servo controller driver compatible with FerretTronics and Phidget boards. Java and C++ versions. Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
The Simple Provisional Language for Actions and Tasks provides both a language for specifying control laws and a runtime environment for executing and monitoring them. Based on RScheme. SPLAT is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
Visual Servo Automation
VSA provides MS Windows-based motion control compatible with servo controllers commonly used in robotics applications such the Mini SSC, SV203, and SMI boards. VSA is proprietary, commercial software.
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