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ARGO Project
A Linux based, autonomous robotic car developed by researchers at the University of Parma in Italy. Site is in Italian and English.
Official home page of Honda's Humanoid Robot. Site includes a history of the robotics, photos, technology descriptions, and event information.
A humanoid robot that attempts to approximate the sensory and motor dynamics of the upper human body, used by MIT to study human robot interactions.
A humanoid service robot developed by Bundeswehr University in Munich, Germany. The robot is able to explore unknown environments and perform transportation and manipulation tasks in human-populated areas.
A Robot designed to assist research into social interactions between robots and humans. Site has a publications list, photographs and videos, a research framework analysis and biographies of the project researchers.
My Keepon
Robot toy that can dance and react to touch. Site features demos, a blog, and list of resellers.
NASA Robonaut Program
A NASA/DARPA research project that seeks to develop and demonstrate a robotic system that can function as an EVA astronaut equivalent. Subsystems list, a materials list, descriptions of the analysis tools and videos.
NEC PaPeRo Personal Robot
A prototype research robot designed to live with humans at home as a partner. The robot can recognize faces and navigate a typical home.
Paro Therapeutic Robot
A robot seal used in clinics and hospitals to stimulate patients with depression or dementia.
Phoenix Mobile Experimental Platform
A mobile autonomous robot platform designed for experimenting with CAROL which stands for Camera Based Adaptive Robot Navigation and Learning.
Project aiko
A female android hobby project developed by Le Trung in his garage. The project aims at making a realistic robot maid for housework and elder care.
Discussion forum for owners and hackers of the Robo-one robot. Includes general humanoid robot programming and design topics too.
Presents all kind of robotic fishes from around the world. All the website is bilingual English/French, and features a forum and resources.
Toyota Partner Robot
After Honda with Asimo, Toyota is putting a lot of efforts in making the Partner Robots, designed for elder care in Japan.
Zaza the autonomous Tech Museum robot with photographs, media coverage, maps of the museum, and technical information.

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