Robotics components are the parts such as motors, servos and ICs that make up a robot. Robotics kits contain all the components needed to build a robot.

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AmpFlow Motor Controllers
Has motor controllers for DC motors, wireless modem, joystick or computer increasing volt output for driving one or two DC motors.
Compliant robotic de-burring and de-flashing equipment.
Designs components for robotics and mobility applications and offers robot parts, systems, wheels, motors and robotic applications.
Applied Robotics
End-of-arm-tooling including collision sensors, grippers, rotary actuators, and tool changers.
Arrick Robotics
Provides components, testing equipment and technical information for building robots. Has motors, control systems and XY positioning tables.
Avayan Electronics
Microcontroller project/development boards and stepper motor controllers for robotics.
Basic X
Home of the BasicX microcontroller, perfect for robotics projects. Development kits and accessories available + information and downloads
Bertsche Engineering Corp.
Robotic components including grippers, gantry loaders, indexers, and automatic tool changing systems.
CH Robotics
Offers orientation sensors, AHRS, angular position sensors and sensors for educational, commercial and personal robotics.
Fanuc World
Has replacement parts for industrial electronics.
Fingertech Robotics
An online store that manufactures custom purpose-built electronics, mechanical parts and accessories for building competition and hobby robots.
Firgelli Technologies
Develops miniature linear actuators for compact robots, medical devices, and motion-enabled consumer products.
Gimson Robotics
UK online store for robotic components including speed controllers and RC control parts.
Gleason Research
An authorized seller of the MIT Handyboard and the smaller Handy Cricket. They also offer a variety of other robot components.
Midwest Motion Products
Offers motion control products including DC brushed and brushless motors, controls, servo amplifiers, 12 volt and 24 volt DC gearmotors for mobile robotic applications.
Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology
Develops and produces vision systems for robot guidance.
Parallax, Inc.
Suppliers of the Basic stamp microcontroller and related components.
PHD Inc.
Manufacturers of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical cylinders, slides, grippers, clamps, escapements, and rotary actuators for the Industrial Automation industry.
Vacuum technology and grippers for robotics.
Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.
Manufacture high performance multi-element pressure and tactile sensing systems.
Compliant force robotic tooling and automation equipment, specializing in surface finishing applications, and robotic machining operations.
Rad Robotic Accessories
Robot end-of-arm peripherals and accessories including collision sensors, safety joints and grippers.
Robot Bits Limited
Specializes in robot components for the hobbyist and student and provides controllers, motors, sensors, gearboxes, chassis, wheels and motor drivers.
Robot Gear Australia
On-line store for robotics and electronics parts such as sensors, microcontrollers, motors, servos and kits.
Robotiq Gripper Company
Manufactures dexterous robotic grippers.
RobotZone, LLC
Manufacturer of robot parts for industrial applications and hobby robotics enthusiasts.
Design, manufacture and distribution of robotic paint and coating equipment and systems.
Scott Edwards Electronics
Mini controllers for robotic servos and serial display modules.
Competition robot kits, solar-powered robots, electronic components, motors, and information on the field of Beam Robotics.
Online store offering a variety of speech synthesis ICs and boards for using robotics and other applications.
Sunrom Technologies
Online store selling electronics Components and microcontrollers. Based in Gujarat, India.
Robot accessories including clamps, brackets, air and water assemblies, transgun cables, and custom components.
TD Industrial Coverings
Robot covers, robot armor, heat shields, wrist covers and fan filters for industrial robots.
Online store providing components used in mobile robots and battlebot-style combat vehicles including speed controllers, pneumatics, transmissions, and motors.
Australian company offers online robotic and embedded components and accessories for research and educational institutions.
Trossen Robotics
Provides USB motor controllers, sensors, and I/O components for robot hobbyists, inventors, students, and programmers.
Vacuum grippers for industrial robotics
Zagros Robotics
Has robot components for the beginner, student projects and advanced hobbyist.
Automation components and robotic grippers for welding and clean rooms.
ZBasic Microcontrollers
Company offering microcontrollers for automation, control, robotics and other embedded systems projects.
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