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Tutorials, FAQs, technical references, and project information intended to help with the design and construction of robots.

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Dick Cappels' Project Pages
An assortment of microcontroller projects for robotics and other embedded applications. Projects include a software component, a hardware component, or both. The information and source code is proprietary. The license allows free (gratis) download and use for non-commercial purposes only.
Handyboard from MIT
Offers a nearly plug and play and fairly well documented microcontroller board supporting several digital and analogue ports, the ability to control four motors, and an LCD.
Robot projects information resource site with tutorials, video clips, articles and a forum covering core robotics topics such as navigation, micro-controllers, motor control, sensors.
Jones on Stepping Motors
A tutorial on the use of computer controlled stepping motors.
Open Automaton Project
An open PC-based mobile robot reference design, for navigating autonomously in home or office environments. The project goal is provide a standard implementation based on the best available standards for mobile robot design. The source code, circuit schematics and documentation may be freely downloaded.
OR Robot Tutorial and Tips
This site spotlights my testbed robot named "OR". There are a few tips for starting your own robot.
PC in Control
Tutorials on the use of computers in automation, control and robotics. Includes simplified descriptions of feedback, proportional control, derivative control, and integral control.
PiC Electronics Projects
Electronics Projects using PIC microcontrollers including EEPROMs, USB, LCD, wireless modules, i2c, compass, and tilt sensor. Projects may be used for educational purposes but not commercially.
PPRK: Palm Pilot Robot Kit
The Palm Pilot Robot Kit is a design for an easy-to-build, fully autonomous robot controlled by a Palm handheld computer.
A Roboteer is a person who designs, builds, studies, or controls robots. This page lists educational robotic contests and robotic supplies for the robot hobbyist.
Robotics Bookmarks and Other Trivia
Plenty of links to other hobby robotics sites.
Robotics Universe
Support site for the book, Robot Builder's Bonanza, and, hopes to become a repository of useful robotics information.
Robots' Home
Information and photos that detail the construction of three similar robots based on the 68HC11 microcontroller.
Society of Robots
Tutorials on how to build a robot at any skill level with pictures, parts lists, and basic term definitions.
Detailed construction notes for creating robots based on direct-drive stepper motors salvaged from disk drives. A PIC 16F84 is used for control. Diagrams and schematics.
A Technical Guide To Building Fighting Robots
Lots of detailed information about designing and building fighting robots, including the physics behind different weapons, speed controllers, motors and batteries.
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