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Software Product Line is a program development methodology, which is a subset of product design methodologies called Product Family Engineering, and Product Line Engineering. It is a relatively new method for creating new products. Product family/line engineering is a means to create an underlying architecture of a product platform, usually by some organization. The architecture is based on commonality and similarity. Product variants can be derived from the basic product family, creating opportunities to reuse and differentiate based on products in the family. It focuses on the process of engineering new products in ways that make it possible to reuse product components and apply variability with reduced costs and time. It is about maximally reusing components and structures.

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Software Product Lines
For software engineers, developers, and product and development managers; practical information on Product Line issues, ranging from introductory concepts to advanced methods.
Software Product Lines
Leader in research, education, products, and services to promote this means of software development. Definitions, documents, links. Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.
BigLever Software, Inc.
Makes, sells, supports Software Product Line tools and services: Gears tool lets organizations engineer a software product line portfolio as if it is one system rather than multiple products. Austin, Texas, USA.
Product-Line Architecture Research Group
The future of software development lies in automating rote tasks. They are exploring different ways in which software development can be automated, productivity increased, and software quality improved.
Software Product Family Engineering: PFE
Conference series; in 2005, was merged into Software Product Lines Conference (SPLC) series; contents and Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Digital Bibliography and Library Project (DBLP).
Software Product Lines: SPLC
Conference series; in 2005, PFE was merged into this series; contents and Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Digital Bibliography and Library Project (DBLP).
Wikipedia: Product Family Engineering
Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.
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