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Literate Programming (LP) was invented by Dr. Donald Knuth in the 1980s. It views programming as a mainly literary activity, where the main task is to concentrate on explaining to humans what the computer must do, and the program is a secondary message embedded in a resulting documentation Web. LP raises documentation from being an often neglected afterthought, to becoming the main principle of program organization. This involves using two different languages together: program source code, and a natural human language for documentation.

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Literate Programming
Resources, consulting services, downloads, freeware for Windows 95/98/Me-NT/2000/XP; learn about the CWEB programming system; articles, books, CD, tools, news, links.
Bibliography on Literate Programming
A part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.
The CWEB System of Structured Documentation
By Donald Knuth and Levy, describing a prominent system of Literate Programming.
The Elucidative Programming Page
Literate programming variant; explanations embed no code, but display next to code, in Web browser; source files are not altered, explanations organized by whole abstraction, not free form; now supports Java, Scheme. Explanations, examples, downloads.
FunnelWeb Literate Programming Tool
Portable, production quality LP macro preprocessor, allows interweaving code and documentation for any programming language; emits HTML and TeX; runs on most platforms; Open source.
A WEB system of structured documentation for multiple languages, originally the F was for FORTRAN, but now handles C, C++, Fortran (F77, F90), RATFOR, TeX (somewhat), tries to implement WYSIWYG language-independent mode. Open source, GPL.
The Java Elucidator
Elucidative Programming system for Java, has: web server, abstractor, database interface, Emacs major mode.
Literate Programming
By Donald Knuth; University of Chicago Press, 1992, ISBN 0937073806. Description of original, seminal book on LP, by its creator. Treats WEB system.
Literate Programming
The WikiWiki entry point for related information and discussions.
Literate Programming
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Literate Programming FAQ
Good place to start looking for information.
Literate Programming in XML
Article by Norman Walsh.
Literate Programming Library
A large collection of links to related resources.
Literate Programming with XML
Provide tools to support Donald Knuth's Literate Programming using XML instead of TeX. Is not based on any specific DTD or programming language, but instead uses processing instructions for processing the literate programs.
Literate Programming: Propaganda and Tools
Overview of concepts, advocacy, and some ideas for applying LP.
Simple, extensible tool for Literate Programming.
The Nuweb System for Literate Programming
Descendant of the original, first written by Preston Briggs; description, downloads.
SGML/XML and Literate Programming
Information on applying SGML and XML to Literate Programming.
A Literate Programming tool for XML written in XSL-T.
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