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Metaprogramming (synonym: generative programming): a style of programming in which, in some way, a program writes or modifies some code in some language. Compilers and self-modifying programs are two examples of metaprograms.

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Automated Code Generation
Page on the original (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc., Wiki.
Code Generation is a Design Smell
Controversy page on the original (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc., Wiki.
A Comparative Analysis of Meta-programming and Aspect-Orientation
Investigation of language constructs to support improved separation of crosscutting concerns. By Jeffrey G. Gray, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Birmingham. [PDF]
Dynamic Languages Group - MIT AI Lab
Covers reflection, self-modifying code or mutable MOPs, Dylan, and aspect-oriented programming.
Eclipse Modeling Project
Focuses on evolving and promoting model-based development technologies by providing unified set of modeling frameworks, tooling, standards implementations; EMF, modeling framework and code generator to build tools and other programs based on structured data model. Descriptions, documents, downloads.
Meta CASE tool. It allows developers to build CASE tools that allow end users to use graphical object manipulation to design and maintain end user systems. It incorporates a high level visual programming interface and provides multiplatform GUI and execution environment.
Dedicated to tools and information related to model-driven system development, aiming at supporting OMG's vision of MDA.
Tim Sheard's Page
Researches the design, implementation, use of metaprogramming systems, created MetaML, many links on functional metaprogramming, NSF papers. Portland State University, Computer Science Department.
The Art of Metaprogramming, Part 1: Introduction to Metaprogramming
An under-used programming technique is writing programs that generate programs or program parts. Covers: why metaprogramming is needed, some components of it, building a code generator; language-sensitive macro programming in Scheme. IBM developerWorks. (October 20, 2005)
Are You Missing out on Code Generation?
Writing EJBs by hand wastes effort and time; using the passive wizards in today's IDEs is as bad. Solution: use active code generation. Learn why this is a good idea despite the FUD against it. DevX. (April 29, 2003)
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