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Beginner SQL Tutorial
A series of tutorials suitable for beginners, explaining key concepts, and providing examples of syntax and use cases.
Comparison of different SQL implementations
Gives a comparison of various database management systems, including features, query syntax, functions and operators.
DreamInCode: Database Tutorials
A collection of tutorials on various aspects of SQL and databases, submitted by experts in the field.
Fluffycat SQL
Provides real world examples demonstrating usage of common functions and syntax.
Intro To Structured Query Language (SQL)
A basic introduction to writing queries so that beginners can begin to extract data from an existing relational database.
An Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
A series of three tutorials by Pan Pantziarka, focussing on creating a simple database, then querying against it with select queries, joins, updates and inserts.
SQL Cheat Sheet: Query By Example
Provides solutions to some common database selecting and inserting/updating tasks.
SQL Commands
Explanations on the most frequently used clauses and syntax.
SQL for Web Nerds
A well structured manuscript by Philip Greenspun based on the Oracle database. Queries, transactions, triggers, and RDBMS concepts are covered.
SQL In Simple English
An FAQ presented in a questions and answer form, as if a novice were asking an expert for help.
SQL on
Provides feature articles, links to tutorials, forum discussions and a chat room.
SQL Training
An introduction to common clauses and concepts, with practical examples.
SQL Tutorial
Tutorials suitable for beginners through to experts, focussing on commands, table manipulation, functions, and advanced concepts.
SQL Tutorial
General tutorials on SQL, explaining the difference between data statements, transaction statements and schema statements, as well as key terms and syntax.
SQL Tutorial
A tutorial explaining the basics of commonly used commands and standard syntax.
SQL Tutorial
Tutorials explaining the most important clauses, keywords and functions.
SQL Tutorial - Learn SQL Online
A blog with various entries on syntax, functions and table manipulation, ranging from basic to advanced.
SQL Tutorial by Josh Grant
A simple step-by-step tutorial on MySQL, demonstrating basic queries to create, update, insert and retrieve data.
SQL Tutorial for Beginners
A tutorial suitable for beginners through intermediate, utilising SQL Server 2008 R2, from basic commands through to transactional statements.
Steve Litt's SQL Troubleshooting Page
A short discourse on how to analyse and troubleshoot problematic queries.
Summarizing data with SQL (Structured Query Language)
A brief how-to on summarising data using aggregating clauses, such as SUM, GROUP BY and HAVING.
T-SQL Tutorial
A series of tutorials and cheat sheets for T-SQL, ranging from beginner level to advanced.
Tizag SQL Tutorial
Easy to follow tutorials that teach the fundamentals of querying against a database.
W3Schools SQL Tutorial
A set of tutorials with coverage of many common SQL commands, including a quiz, quick reference guide, and explanation of data types.
Wikipedia: SQL
A history and overview of the language, including explanations of terminology, usage, and standard syntax.

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