Regular expressions are text strings formed in a particular syntax that is used in various tools and programming languages for searching text patterns within text. The sites in this section provide help, tutorials and collections of frequently asked questions ("FAQs") about various aspects of regular expressions.

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.NET Framework Regular Expressions
MSDN documentation. Features detailed examples, list of references.
Advanced Regular Expression Tips and Techniques
Blog post. Discusses techniques such as commenting, callbacks, lookarounds, conditionals and named patterns.
C# Regular Expressions
Article by O'Reilly author. Presents classes, engine details and sample expressions.
The Code Project
Collection of articles. Features tools, general techniques and regex implementation in various languages.
Digital Amit
Introduction to regex. Presents syntax and examples.
Finite Automata and Regular Expressions
Notes from computer science class. Compares regular expressions to finite automata.
Flagrant Badassery
Blog of Steven Levithan. Discusses the Regex Cookbook by Levithan and Jan Goyvaerts, regex APIs and regex recipes.
Four Guys from Rolla
Articles about regular expressions. Includes articles about parsing, validating and replacing.
GNU Awk User's Guide
Regex manual pages for Awk. Discusses syntax, dynamic regexps.
GNU Emacs
Documentation for regex in Emacs Lisp. Describes the functions.
Review of regex libraries in the Haskell programming language. Includes feature matrix and benchmark.
MySQL Regular Expressions
Manual page for MySQL regex. Features operators and character classes, includes user comments.
PCRE Wrapper for Delphi 7
Wrapper classes to support PCRE in Delphi. Includes download links.
PHP Manual
Regex section of the PHP manual. Covers PCRE engine, pattern syntax, PHP functions, and includes user comments.
Regex board on PHP forum. Features user-contributed questions and answers.
Regular Expression HowTo
Python regex tutorial. Focuses on the re module.
Regular Expressions
Notes from computer science class about TCL. Presents the Chomsky hierarchy, finite automata and regular expressions.
Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
One-page reference. Presents major points of regex syntax.
Regular Expressions in Grep
Tutorial on nixCraft blog. Features syntax, tricks, comments.
Regular Expressions in Grep Command
Series of two articles about regex in the Unix Grep command. Features examples of text searches.
Seeing With C
Technical article about regular expressions. Discusses types of automata, searching, parsing, validating.
So What's a Regular Expression Anyway
Introduction to regex. Presents syntax, code samples.
StackOverflow Tagged Questions FAQ
Collection of questions and user-submitted answers. Features ratings for each answer and comment.
Unicode Regular Expressions
Unicode Technical Standard document. Describes guidelines for extending regex engines to use Unicode.
Regex resources. Features tutorial, reference and glossary.
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