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Python Documentation Index
Official tutorial and references, including library/module usage, Macintosh libraries, language syntax, extending/embedding, and the Python/C API. Also links to off-site beginners' tutorials, HOWTOs, and many special interest topics. Python
Includes articles on simple script solutions, database management, web development, network protocols, and other advanced topics.
A Beginner's Python Tutorial
A Python tutorial originally written for the modding community of Firaxis' Civilization. Useful to beginners with little or no programming knowledge.
Cameron Laird on Python and the Web
Discusses both client-side and server-side Web programming.
Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python
A tutorial that teaches common Python programming idioms used by experienced programmers, but may not be obvious to newcomers.
A Course in Python/CGI
This site contains materials from a 13 week course for learning Python and CGI. Suited for self-study.
Five Minutes to a Python CGI
By David Mertz. Brief introduction to writing CGI programs, Python CGI module, formatting output, error logging/debugging.
Instant Hacking
By Magnus Lie Hetland. Minimal, concise, general introduction to programming, via Python, moves very quickly. English, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Serbian, Korean.
Instant Python
By Magnus Lie Hetland. Minimal introduction for experienced programmers. Treats basics, OO programming, Jedi mind trick. English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish; German, Norwegian; Lithuanian, Polish, Russian; Japanese, Korean.
One Day of IDLE Toying
By Danny Yoo. Visual guide to using IDLE, a simple interactive shell for Python programming. Each step of this tutorial has screenshots for absolute beginners. English, Dutch, German; Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese; Indonesian.
Python and UML
Can the UML help Python developers? How about CP4E?
Python CGI
An Interactive Instruction.
Python Database Programming
Programs can use minimal code to access, display, and update a database. This guide provides "links to relevant Python modules, documentation, and projects" concerning databases, as well as adding persistence to Python objects.
Python for Beginners
New to programming? This page lists some places that can get you started quickly.
Python Programming for Beginners
Shows how to write programs that use command-line options, read and write to pipes, access environment variables, handle interrupts, read from and write to files, create temporary files, write to system logs.
Python Programming Tutorial
By Richard G. Baldwin. Separate lessons teach programming basics. Free online, fee download files.
Python Quick Reference
By Simon Brunning. Thorough 'cheat sheet'; brief reminders for nearly each language aspect: syntax nuances; built-in features, statements, modules; basic, advanced types, operations; lexical entities, common development tools. For several Python versions; HTML, Zip, Windows Help, text.
Python Recipes
Collaborative website built by ActiveState and O'Reilly, hosts user contributions; collection of recipes.
Python SIGs
Archives of current and past listserv discussions on a LOT of interesting topics. GREAT for researching problems.
Python Tutorial
Introduction to Python, where to find it, how to install, and create a very simple script.
A Quick Tour of Python
Short overview of some basics, for users with some programming knowledge.
TCC Publications: Programming Languages
Python language quick reference (28 pp), Tkinter reference (84 pp), Python Imaging Library PIL quick reference (6 pp). Postscript and PDF formats available. - Free Python tutorials
A collection of Python tutorials from resources around the Internet.
Wikibooks Programming Python
A tutorial for python on Wikibooks. It is editable by anyone.
Writing CGI Programs in Python
Introduces using Python for CGI applications. Has database access examples. Several parts. [Developer Shed]

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