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Stable and free standard Prolog implementation. Targeted primarily at research and education. Windows, Linux and Unix versions available. Comes with a visual debugger and a GUI environment.
Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server
This extensible Prolog version runs under Windows, Linux, Solaris and HP/UX, supporting development of client and server applications embeddable in the web, C/C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic and other environments. An IDE is available for Windows along with an interpreter-based tutorial.
Aquarius Prolog 1.0
The compiler for this open-source version developed at UCB is built around the Berkeley Abstract Machine, a finer-grained rendition of WAM. An interpreter provided for program development is written in Prolog.
Versatile and efficient CLP system based on Prolog with extensions for programming concurrency, constraints and interactive graphics. Runs on: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux, Mac, Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, SonyNews, Aix. Free evaluation version is available.
Brain Aid Prolog
Based on Edinburgh Prolog and extended with object-oriented mechanisms, this Berkeley-style open-source system has a compiler written in Prolog and generates Transputer assembly code.
The Ciao System
General-purpose programming language which supports logic, constraint, functional, higher-order and object-oriented programming styles. Its main design objectives are high expressive power, extensibility, safety, reliability and efficient execution. [Open Source, GPL]
CMU Free/Shareware Prolog
CMU's AI repository offers a collection of Prolog implementations.
Constraint Unification Prolog (CUP) developed by the Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ICOT), Japan. Originally written in C under Unix, MacCup is for Macintosh, DJCup for MS-DOS, with both implementations released as free software.
GNU Prolog
This compiler accepts Prolog + constraint programs and produces native binaries. The obtained executable is subsequently stand-alone. The size of this executable can be quite small since GNU Prolog can avoid linking the code of most unused built-in predicates. The performance of GNU Prolog is very encouraging (comparable to commercial systems).
A Prolog implementation for use in industrial and commercial environments. It complies with the ISO Prolog standard and runs on UNIX and MS-Windows environments. IF/Prolog has a rich set of interfaces to standard software components and an additional Constraint Technology Package for efficient solutions of complex optimization problems. Comes with a Java interface.
INRIA wamcc
Predecessor to GNU Prolog. Compiles Prolog via GCC 2.x
Jekejeke Prolog
Jekejeke Prolog is an interpreter only implementation of Prolog written in 100% Java. The runtime library provides a simple console interface and no debugger. The development environment also provides a debugger. The implementation of the language mainly follows the ISO Prolog core standard. The implementation also features an application programming interface.
This is the English download site for this Japanese implementation of Prolog for Solaris, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, Linux and 32-bit Windows environments.
Logic Programming Associates
WIN-PROLOG, DOS-PROLOG, MacProlog32 compilers. Products range from Prolog++ an OOPs extension, flex an expert system toolkit, and various web based technologies. [Commercial]
An object-oriented extension to the Prolog programming language. It integrates logic programming with object-oriented and event-driven programming. Compatible with most Prolog compilers. [Open source]
The successor of MU-Prolog, this compiled Prolog system designed and implemented in the mid-80's as a 'purer' logic solution, interfaces with UNIFY databases and is available under an academic license.
Prolog with Features Inheritance, and Templates: Prolog extension with sorted feature structures (including multi-dimensional inheritance), finite domains, feature search, cyclic terms, templates. [PDF]
The Software Verification Research Centre (Univ. of Queensland) extended version of Prolog currently released under Linux and Solaris is designed primarily as a prototyping language and tactic language for theorem provers, including support for efficient higher-order programming and logic programming of interactive applications.
Quintus Prolog
The Swedish Institute for Computer Science's implementation of Prolog for UNIX and PC platforms is embeddable, integrable and commercial-strength.
Reform Prolog
Recursion-parallel Single Program, Multiple Data (SPMD) implementation; assumes one sequential worker and arbitrary, fixed number parallel workers, each worker is process, can have more workers than processors. Successor: High Performance Erlang. [Open Source, GPL]
SICStus Prolog 3
This ISO-conformant, performance-oriented Prolog development system also features interfaces with C/C++, Java and ODBC-compliant DBMS's and an OOP extension.
Strawberry Prolog
This Prolog compiler for Windows 95/98/NT and Unix/Linux supports OLE and Prolog CGI Scripts. Strawberry Prolog is suitable for client-server applications and has unique debugging facilities.
Visual Prolog
A full-featured programming environment is offered with all the facilities necessary to write mission-critical, commercial-grade applications. A freeware version is available.
The YAP Prolog System
The University of Porto's Edinburgh-style, WAM-based Prolog engine is available on 32-bit machines running Sun and Linux and 64-bit Alphas running OSF UNIX and Linux. An open-source policy is being implemented with regard to distribution.
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