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Beginner's Tutorial for CGI
Teaches how to develop and code CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs for websites.
Beginning Perl Tutorials
Tutorials on how to use Perl to create CGI programs for your web site.
CGI City's Tips and Tutorials
This is a collection of CGI / Perl programming tips and tutorials. It was created with the novice in mind, so the tutorials are very basic and easy to understand.
CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
Walks you through the basics of creating simple CGI scripts on Unix servers, with no programming experience needed. Examples include guestbook and hit counter.
CGI Programming 101
An introduction to CGI/Perl. From the basics of what is CGI, to being able to write useful scripts.
CGI Programming FAQ
Basics and how-to tips for CGI programming
CGI/Perl on Win32
Instructions on setting up Perl and the Apache web server so that CGI scripts can be run locally on a Windows machine.
The Common Gateway Interface: Security
Information on writing secure CGI scripts.
Denis Beurive
Includes code samples with descriptions of items ranging from string manipulations to retrieving information from a web server. Perl 101
A five-part beginning perl series that covers topics from regular expressions to file manipulation to database access for web developers.
HTMLfixIT Beginner Perl tutorials.
A series of beginner Perl tutorials that cover all the basics of Perl programming from a web designers perspective using easy to understand language and easy to follow examples.
Perl CGI Programming FAQ
By Shishir Gundavaram and Tom Christiansen.
Red Antigua - Web Software and Tutorials
Perl source code and tutorial, focused on CGI::Application and HTML::Template.
Step by step tutorial to perl. Learn Perl, improve your skills, and get your questions answered.
Website Publisher: Programming Perl 101
Learn how to use Perl with CGI to add interactive elementals to website.
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