Software development tools are programs and libraries, which can help to make programs, that aid programmers, software developers, in the software development process. They may involve different software platforms, but all have prewritten code.

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ActiveState Perl Dev Kit
Create self-contained applications, .NET and ActiveX components, Windows services and system tray applications, and more – all written in Perl. [Commercial]
A Perl to Python source code converter.
DzSoft Perl Editor
A tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl CGI scripts. [Shareware, Win9x/NT]
EngInSite Perl Editor
A complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl by bringing together the editing, testing and debugging instruments into a single, user-oriented environment. [Commercial]
EPIC - Eclipse Perl Integration
Free plugin for the Eclipse IDE, including features such auto-completeion of method names, syntax checking and coloring, debugger, source formatter, templates, and elementary refactoring .
Free Perl Obfuscation Service
Online Perl obfuscator tool mangle Perl code into an unrecognizable yet functionally equivalent form.
Open Perl IDE
An integrated development environment for writing and debugging Perl scripts under Windows 95/98/NT/2000. [Open source, MPL]
Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment. A Perl-centric text editor that runs on MS Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. This site includes downloads, documentation, tips and developers' info.
Perl Builder
A commercial integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl programming.
Perl Code Compressor
An online Perl compression tool. Compress Perl code for smaller disk space and better performance. Free for smaller Perl modules (Perl file max ~100K).
Perl Express
A free Perl IDE for Windows, includes tools for writing and debugging Perl scripts.
Perl Golf
Dedicated to creating tools that facilitate the administration of Perl Golf courses.
A command line utility for converting perl scripts to exe files.
A Perl IDE and a general purpose text editor for Windows and Linux. It includes a source code text editor with language syntax highlighting and a visual debugger. [Free for personal non-commercial use]
Protects Perl source code by generating binary executables from scripts. It's currently available for Linux and OpenBSD x86 based platforms. By MadLogic, Inc. [Shareware]
RWAP Services (Innovative Internet Solutions).
Provide frank and independent reviews of a range of software and internet utilities, including Perl editors.
Stunnix Perl-Obfus
A Perl source code obfuscator. [Commercial]
[Camel Mozilla]
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