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1st SPOT Perl
Information about Perl, a link collection to tutorials and manuals and to Perl programming and script libraries.
Allexperts CGI & Perl Q&A
Volunteer experts answer your Perl questions.
Beginning Perl
An online version of the book by Simon Cozens that provides a complete introduction to Perl, aimed even for people without any programming knowledge. Online Perl Book
An online book about Perl that focuses on HTML and CGI programming.
A Complete Guide for Perl
Learn Perl in simple steps and use this tutorial as a reference manual.
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
A page that contains CGI scripts and other scripts, and a link collection to other Perl sites.
Eric's Perl Tutorial
Free online tutorial covering basic and advanced aspects of Perl for webmasters.
Examples in Perl
That the author found useful and has learned from. Includes an introduction chapter and a reference chapter with links to Perl resources.
Experts-Exchange: Perl
Quickly find Perl Programming help, information, and assistance from other expert members.
FreeTechBooks: Perl Scripting Language
Annotated list of free online programming books. Topics range from beginner to advanced. Descriptions, publishing information, links.
Getting Perl
Instructions on downloading a Perl interpreter for your computer platform.
How Stuff Works: Perl
Marshall Brain shows in 6 pages how to read and write simple Perl scripts.
John Bokma - Perl
Short examples of Perl scripts with some explanation.
Books, mailinglists, and news for people learning or interested in learning Perl.
Nik Silver's Perl Tutorial
A tutorial from his one-day hands-on workshop. Covers the basics, subroutines, arrays, files and regular expressions.
Object Oriented Perl
A series of extracts from the book by Dr. Damian Conway. [PDF]
Official Perl FAQ
The official frequently asked questions about Perl, as taken from the perldoc manpages.
Periodic Table of the Perl 6 Operators
Graphic of Perl 6 operators in the format of the periodic table of elements. [PDF]
Perl & Y2K
"Perl is every bit as Y2K compliant as is your pencil; no more, and no less".
Perl - Wikipedia
Provides language history, function information and code examples.
Perl 5 Tutorial
Features a coverage of Perl fundamentals targeted at beginners. Available in PDF format.
Perl 6 Introduction
A general introduction to Perl 6 programming aimed at newcomers to the Perl family of languages.
Perl Archive's Learning Center
Perl related articles and tutorials.
Perl Beginners' Site
A beginners site for Perl with links, a mailing list and a Wiki.
Perl Course
Contains materials from a 14 week course in Perl suited for self-study.
Perl Debugged
Official site for the how-to / reference guide on debugging Perl programs, by Peter Scott and Ed Wright.
Perl Design Patterns Wiki
Free online book and forum.
Perl for Perl Newbies
A series of lectures with slides. Covers the basics, data structures, I/O, regular expressions, modules and objects, and some advanced topics.
Perl HowTo
Perl collection of tips, howto's, FAQs and tutorials.
Perl in 20 Pages
A guide to Perl 5 for C/C++, awk, and shell programmers.
Perl Modules by Eric Foster-Johnson
An explanation on how to create modules in Perl and the home page of the book with the same title.
Perl Training Australia's training manuals
Freely available copies of the training manuals used in Perl Training Australia's commercial courses.'s Beginners' Introduction to Perl
Covers the basics, regular expressions, objects, code safety, CGI scripting and files. Beginner's Introduction to Perl
A series of articles that introduces perl to beginners, and explain some of the basic constructs and syntax used in the language.
Perl/Tk Tutorial - Create GUI with Perl's Tk Module
A tutorial for Perl/Tk language. Teaches how to create and code GUI (Graphical User Interface) programs using Perl and using the Tk module.
A collection of Frequently Asked Questions, How To documents, and tutorials.
Picking Up Perl
A freely redistributable tutorial book on Perl in text, HTML, pdf and postscript format.
Picking Up Perl, 2nd Edition
An update to the online book with three new chapters on Perl Input/Output and file handling.
PTI - Fundamentals of Perl
A course with online slides. Covers the basics including syntax, files, regular expressions, data structures and process mangament.
Robert's Perl Tutorial
A Win32-friendly tutorial to Perl. Covers the basics, regular expressions, I/O, bulk functions, subroutines, modules and debugging.
SAGE - Perl Practicum
Index page for several articles that Hal Pomeranz wrote for the USENIX Association's newsletter ";login:"
Tizag Perl Tutorial
An introduction to Perl with lessons including: operators, arrays, and file manipulation.
Useful Perl Scripts With Regular Expressions
This tutorial covers how to parse multiple files of specified types in a specific directory and sub directories so that all files can have the same change made to them.
Using the Perl Debugger
Article by brian d foy about using the Perl debugger. Perl Design Patterns, Part 2
Phil Crow continues his series on how some popular patterns fit into Perl programming. (August 07, 2003) Perl Design Patterns, Part 1
The Gang-of-Four Design Patterns book had a huge impact on programming methodologies in the Java and C++ communities, but what do Design Patterns have to say to Perl programmers? Phil Crow examines how some popular patterns fit in to Perl programming. (June 13, 2003)
Strictly On-Line: Network Programming with Perl
Using Perl to perform networking tasks is easy. An article by James Lee. (April 01, 1999)

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