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A community site dedicated to PHP and SQL. Includes user submitted code, tutorials and forums.
DeveloperFusion - PHP
Tutorials, tools and source code for using PHP - covering the absolute basics, databases, templating, and cookies.
Free PHP scripts, tutorials, guestbook.
Hotscripts: PHP
Directory which lists free and commercial scripts for webmasters to download.
A PHP, MySQL and HTML programming resource site, with tutorials, code snippets and articles.
PHP Architect
English monthly magazine dedicated exclusively to PHP. Published in PDF format.
PHP Developers Network Forums
Resources for PHP developers.
PHP Editors
PHP Editor reviews, ratings and user comments. PHP Programmers Contests, the PHP Programmers Help Forums.
PHP Freaks
A community designed to assist developers with PHP and MySQL related information. Includes tips, tutorials, forums, articles, code examples and manuals.
PHP Kitchen
A PHP developers' resource with tutorials and news focusing on OOP, Open Source and freelance.
The PHP Resource Index
Site with complete script, code snippets, documentation and other PHP related resources. In affiliation with Around 700 entries
PHP safe mode patch
This patch makes PHP's safe mode less restrictive, without being less secure and allows writing in directories, created by PHP when it is running as Apache module.
A web portal dedicated to PHP web development. It includes a variety of resources for PHP, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Apache, including scripts, programs, applications, tutorials, hints and tips, web hosting, publications and documentation.
The source for php developers with a variety of source codes and tutorials.
PHPExperts Group
Discussion group focussing on PHP and relevant technologies.
Help for PHP programmers. Useful links and resources for getting started with PHP programming.
Planet PHP
A close to complete list of all important PHP related weblogs.
Free PHP articles and tutorials, including form validation, login script, file upload, newsletter script.
A PHP and MySQL resource website for web development that has free PHP/MySQL scripts, online generators, PHP web hosting, and code snippets.
Writing Regular Expression with PHP
An introductory article on regular expression with PHP.
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