Emacs is a very versatile and extensible editor. Its extensibility comes from having a built in Lisp interpreter; most of its functionality has been added via Lisp libraries written in the Emacs-Lisp Lisp dialect called 'elisp'. This directory gives you access to the most popular, and best elisp resources on the Web.

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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual
The official resource for all Elisp questions.
Dave Pearson's Emacs Stuff
Some helpful Emacs packages.
Package for talking to a dictionary server.
emacs at levana.de
Emacs Lisp software including etexshow (Browser for ConTeXt commands), recent files menu, tea timer, evening commander.
Emacs Code by Stephen Eglen
Various modes provided by the maintainer of the ELL.
The Emacs Lisp List
Collection of links to Elisp packages mostly not part of the standard distributions.
Emacs Packages
Packages for: buffer selection and cycling by C-TAB; fast navigation through toplevel definitions; Gimp Script Fu; highlighting regular expressions, current word.
Emacs Tiny Tools
Collection of packages to improve your Emacs environment.
Eric Marsden's Download Page
Beside Common Lisp and Scheme files, various Elisp packages are available. Amongst others there is an implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol, a HTTP server embedded in Emacs, and a simple library for the Common Gateway Interface, which allows you to service requests for non static web pages.
ESS : Emacs Speaks Statistics
Package provides support for many statistical languages such as the S family, SAS, or XLS.
A package for on the fly spell checking.
Harley Gorrell's Elisp
Various modes for editing crontab files or DNA sequences, an addition to perl-mode, and footnote support.
A wiki-like note-taking tool on Emacs.
Introduction to Emacs Lisp Programming
(Second Edition) Official Free Software Foundation manual.
The development site which contains the latest beta releases of the Emacs interface to ispell not yet included into the standard distributions.
Search interface to access dictionaries online from within Emacs.
Malyon Interpreter
Major mode for playing z3/5/8 story files. A z-code interpreter written entirely in elisp.
Martin Schwenke's Emacs Hacks
Including a mode for eiffel, a stand-alone version of gnuserv for GNU Emacs, and desire.el, a configuration helper package for Emacs.
MMM Mode
A package to use multiple major modes in one GNU Emacs buffer.
Noah Friedman's Elisp Archive
Collection of major and minor modes, user interface enhancements, and library routines.
Online Journal Software for Emacs
This package allows you to keep an index to your personal journal.
A package to save various variables and registers which reflect your current editing state to a file which is loaded into your next session.
Storm's Emacs Resources
Featuring cua.el, a package to provide the CUA Key binding for cut, copy, and paste without losing the normal Emacs key bindings. Also featuring ido.el, a package providing highly interactive versions of find-file and switch-to-buffer.
Packages for auto-updating and file templates.
Verilog Mode
A mode to edit Verilog HDL files with Emacs.
Get some kind of WYSIWYG in LaTeX and HTML source.
Emacs as an IRC client.

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