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Arun's Javascript Utilities
Collection of ready-to-use Javascripts, features a flexible Javascript PopUp Calendar, PopCal.
A small collection of free javascripts, created by the website-owner, mostly about image-presentation and image-manipulation, presented in german and english. The scripts are crossbrowser, one or two of them (one more way, rotating globe) unique at this time.
Canvas Clocks
Provides a clock using the WHATWG <canvas> element.
Offers solutions for type checking, schema validation and dependency management.
Web-based HTML text editor with powerful formatting capabilities. Requires no installation on the client computer.
A pop-up color picker control for use on web pages.
Custom Form Elements with Javascript
An open source library to enhance web-based XHTML forms in terms of style, usability and accessibility by using Javascript and CSS. It is based on various Javascript frameworks. Features, demo, download, how-tos, and inside information on the development team are presented,
DHTML Cross-Browser JavaScripts
Vertical, horizontal and typewriter scrollers, and a collection of free Javascripts. Multi-OS and multi-browser compatible.
Editable JavaScript TreeGrid
DHTML component written in pure JavaScript to display and edit data in table, grid, tree or grid with tree. Compatible with the most of standard browsers. ASP.NET support code available. [Commercial]
Email AntiLeech
Prevents all software to grab email addresses from site.
ESPX and TinyXSL
ESPX, an ECMAScript Parser for (almost) XML, with namespaces; and TinyXSL, XML transform in-Script mini-Language
Minimalistic, yet full-featured HTML5/Flash video player.
Focus on JavaScript
A bulk of scripts and other JavaScript resources.
Google: Closure
Create powerful and efficient JavaScript.
Library for guided tours on websites.
HIOX Free Javascript Scripts
Free Javascript scripts includes stop watch, timer, domain and email validation script, date functions, alphanumeric validation function.
HTML2XHTML Converter (H2X)
Generates a well-formed XHTML string from an HTML DOM object. H2X could be used in Content Management Systems (CMS), online wysiwyg HTML editors or any other javascript application to produce well formed XHTML 1.0 code.
I Like Computer
Scripts for form validation, browser detection, cookies, images swaping. Also calculator and slider game.
Add javascript Popups Announcements to website. Popup content can be easily changed by the website owner - from the Popup itself. Requires registration (Free) and easy install code.
JavaScript Diagram Builder
Library of objects and functions, to display and dynamically modify coordinate diagrams and charts in webpages. [Freeware]
JavaScript Scrambler
Script for converting JavaScripts into difficult to read code.
JavaScript Shell
A read-eval-print loop for JavaScript that works in IE, Mozilla, and Opera. Includes a Mozilla bookmarklet to run shell commands in the context of any web page.
JavaScript Spin Control
Like a regular Windows Spin control, but is implemented entirely in JavaScript. [Commercial]
A collection of client-side libraries.
JSCart Shopping Cart
Javascript shopping cart capable to support thousands of products through a powerful database manager. [Commercial]
JSMIN, The JavaScript Minifier
Provides a script to remove comments and unnecessary whitespaces from JavaScript files.
A configurable dynamic HTML image and slide show viewer written in JavaScript. Supports displaying images, web pages and text. Supports keyboard controls and multiple languages.
Magic Toolbox
Provides an image zoom script in two different versions. [Commercial]
A JavaScript toolkit that allows web developers to use new CSS3 and HTML5 features while maintaining a fine level of control over browsers that don't support them yet.
Nudity scanner with HTMLCanvas based on research papers.
PopCalendarXP And FlatCalendarXP
The javascript calendar with themes support. [Freeware and Commercial]
Allows to create simple and complex tooltips with the Prototype framework and to emphasize them with Script.aculo.us.
Search Maker Pro
Allows to create a web page that includes a search engine. The code can be placed on the website to enable a site search.
Make tables sortable.
Tigra Color Picker
Makes easy for visitors to fill out color value field(s) by selecting the color from a popup palette. [Freeware]
Tigra Form Validator
A free JavaScript component performing client side form validation.
Tigra Form Validator PRO
A JavaScript component performing client-side form validation.
Tigra Hints
Displays pop-up box with notes (also known as tooltips or hints) when mouse appears over any HTML element on the page. [Freeware]
Tigra Scroller
Scrolls text or html in the box. [Freeware]
A JavaScript site search engine. It works with any browser that supports JavaScript 1.3 and at least partially supports the W3C DOM Level 1. [Open source, GPL]
Provides an input method editor to convert chars from Latin alphabet to Vietnamese.
A versatile, Javascript driven DHTML menu that works on most popular browsers. It comes in 3 basic modes: vertical, horizontal or collapsing and folds/unfolds on clicks or mouseovers. [Open source, LGPL]
Tiny library for client-side (browser) transformations of XML with XSLT.
Proposes JavaScript/DHTML controls to extend existing HTML control set including ComboBox, SpreadSheet, Spin, Scrambler. [Commercial]

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