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For beginners or advanced users/developers. Sites help and/or give in detail, guides that describe how to create or modify things, these shouldn't describe the core language, as that is already covered by the category named "Reference."

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JavaScript Guide
Overviews, demonstrations, sample code, values, expressions, functions, objects and closures.
Code Avengers
Fun and interactive tutorials for learning JavaScript.
The Code Player
Plays code like a video helping people to learn technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery interactively.
Code School
Learn to build lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces.
Codecademy: JavaScript
Learn how to make interactive websites and build browser based games.
Learn programming with a multiplayer live coding strategy game.
comp.lang.javascript meta-faq
meta-FAQ for usenet newsgroup comp.lang.javascript.
Even Faster Web Sites Blog Posts
Tips on faster JavaScript loading and execution.
HTML Dog: JavaScript Tutorials
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials.
HTML5 Rocks: JavaScript
Articles, news and tutorials on JavaScript, and related technologies.
HTMLGoodies: JavaScript Tutorials
Offers script writing tips, information on differences between the language and Java, setting a cookie counter, and writing forms. Features examples.
JavaScript FAQ Knowledge Base
FAQs on various aspects of JavaScript.
JavaScript Tutorial
Translation of a Russian tutorial, includes: JavaScript from the ground to closures, document and events, object oriented programming, timing, frames and windows, regular expressions and advanced topics.
Jennifer Madden's JavaScript Tutorials
Offers tutorials with practical, real-world examples.
Learning Advanced JavaScript
Short and simple introductions to core language, going to advanced topics.
Let’s Code JavaScript
Test-Driven development.
Machine Learning for JavaScript Hackers
Basic introduction with samples.
Pineapple: JavaScript Tutorials
Index of tutorials with descriptions, tags, comments, and level of popularity.
Stack Overflow: JavaScript
Collaboratively edited question and answers site.
Survive JS
Short questions and answer to help understand the language.
Tuts+: 30 Days to Learn jQuery
Video tutorial by Jeffrey Way, describes fundamentals, and covers common cases in the usage of the library.
User Experience: JavaScript
Questions and answers related to the language from an UX point of view.
Official W3C DOM Working Group FAQ.
JavaScript for E-Commerce
Features lessons for creating shopping sites. Includes example scripts. (January 01, 2000)

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