These are sites that offer advice, free software, and other information about Java programming.

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Applets, applications, utility classes. ACME Java FAQ. Some bugs and deficiencies founded in JDK. Resources.
The Artima Developer Community
Collection of resources about Java, Jini, the JVM, and object oriented design. Includes articles, books, tutorials, FAQs, discussion forums, applets, source code, and seminars.
DevDaily Java Resources
Applet and tutorial directory, with news and links to other resources.
Embarcadero Java Community
JBuilder's developer community with FAQs, documentation, and patches.
Focus on Java
Resources from Features links, FAQs, tutorials, and articles.
Focus on Java
Latest stories from [RSS]
Directory of applets, tutorials, references, and articles.
IBM Java developerWorks
Tutorials, regular articles on best coding practice, news, and free software.
Links to components, applets, and information organized by category.
Small freeware utility to fix the .jar file association on Windows. Includes download, description, release notes and FAQ.
Review service of applets, applications, and JavaBeans.
Java Community Process Program
Information on latest JSR status.
The Java Lobby
Independent organization that supports the promise of Java's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" (WORA) promise. Includes news resources, product announcements, sample book chapters, and forums.
The Java Memory Model
Bill Pugh's collection of resources and a mailing list.
Java on HP-UX
Technical information including news, tips, and downloads.
Java Open Source Software
A directory of open source software focused on Java.
Java Performance Tuning
Tips, resources, and monthly newsletter on improving the performance of applications.
Java Sound Resources
Resources related to API, including example code and FAQ.
Java Technology Center for Compaq Alpha Systems
Documentation and downloads for Alpha systems.
Group aggregation for Java-related weblogs.
Includes study material for Java certification, a discussion forum and articles geared towards Java beginners.
Customizable portal with online training, FAQs, regular news updates, and tutorials.
Project providing a set of Linux RPM packages of software written in Java.
JZ Ventures Java Links
Collection of applets, tutorials, code, and API documentation.
Offers user provided examples of class/method usage.
Light Development
Open source applications and components for Java developers. SimplyHTML related tools. SocketTalk is a library of Java[tm] classes to simplify peer to peer communication through sockets. Resources.
Perry Smith Enterprises Java Q & A
Includes message boards, chat rooms, coding examples, and job opportunities.
Planet JDK
Weblog aggregator for JDK community members.
Sun Java Software Headlines
Latest software news and releases from [RSS]
Article and resource collection.
Toolbox for IT: Java Community
Portal with newswires, tutorials, large resource directory, events, and jobs.
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