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Abhi on Java
A weblog with a collection of examples and news on Java and related technologies
Personal blog about Java/J2EE technologies, news, trends, and tips.
Betanabhotla, Anand
Articles on Java and XML.
Beust, Cedric
Resume, articles, technical papers and weblog, with thoughts on Java, programming languages and software development in general.
Broz, Pavel
Resume, CV. Links to Java performance sites and Java online books.
Cole, R. Kevin
A collection of tutorials, articles and advice covering Struts, Swing, and Java Advanced Imaging.
Common knowledge in Java
A few notes, observations that author would like to document about Java.
David Medinets
Weblog with advanced Java code samples, configuration and optimization tips for Java/J2EE related products.
Feldman, Alexander
Resume. Programming examples (Java sources). Also navigational photo of Munich city from space. German-Russian words translation. And photo album.
Gurney, Jason - amoebacode
Open source Java software and online projects. Including an FTP Client and a Swing-based Blackjack game applet.
Hearne, Michael
Resume, free (open source) software links, and a city climate comparison Java applet.
Hooke, Kevin - Kevs Development Toolbox
Collection of home-grown java development utilities for download (xml formatter, classpath searcher, and xsl transformer). Example java applications and source code for download. Also collection of html and javascript code.
Java Java Proxy
Weblog with growing collection of real-life Java code tips in various programming realms.
Blog of Java-related news and links.
Jayaprakash, Ashwin
Open source developer; includes links to developer resources and current projects.
Johnson, Kelly
About, photos. Java 2D graphics applets. Half Life area.
Just Java
Java Software, FAQs, Books and the hack Furby challenge. Famous Java author Peter van der Linden's site.
Kambalyal, Channu
Java tutorials and resume.
Lea, Doug
Author of Concurrent Programming in Java: Design Principles And Patterns. A collection of resources to Java, Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns. Also, Lea's Java concurrency library is available here, as Public Domain.
McBride, John
A collection of Java applets and other material.
McQueeney, Tom
Blog on Java, tools, Open Source, books, and technical events.
Michel Dalal's Resume
Summary of work experience, publications and awards.
Moriarty, Diego
Personal info, interests, Java Applets and applications (including some sourcecode), CV.
Normington, Glyn
Weblog on Software design, Java modularity, JSR 277, JSR 291, JSR 294, OSGi, and open source.
Randelshofer, Werner
Java applets and applications with source code.
Reilly, Dave
A freelance technical writer and Sun Certified Java Programmer who has written articles on Java for JavaWorld, Gamelan, Java Developer's Journal, and the Java Coffee Break.
Riboe, Jens - Ribomation
Articles and general purpose class libraries.
Rinehart, Martin - A Java Consultant's Mug of Java
Articles, example applets, javadoc and source code and a description of author's Decaf project.
Rob and Paco
Includes random collection of links related to Java, Linux, and home automation including X10 information.
Trefilov, Segrey
Resume, chart applet for tickers
Vernaillen, Wouter
About. Java related blog and archives. Links.
Zukowski, John
Home to popular Java author. Books include Mastering Java, Java AWT Reference, Definitive Guide to Swing, Java Collections, and JBuilder.

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