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Data Field Haskell
Dialect with instance of data fields (a generalization of arrays), useful for rapid prototyping of parallel algorithms, and parallel high-level system specification.
Parallel functional language to program reactive systems and parallel algorithms using distributed memory. Extends Haskell, but overrules lazy evaluation whenever needed to support parallelism; gives enough control to implement parallel algorithms efficiently, no need for low level details of process management.
Glasgow Distributed Haskell
GdH combines the multiple processes of Concurrent Haskell with the multiple processing elements of Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GpH).
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC)
An optimizing compiler for Haskell, written in Haskell. Includes extensions for concurrency and heap and time profiling. [Open Source, BSD-like]
Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GpH)
A Haskell extension for parallel programming built on top of the Glasgow Haskell compiler (GHC). Parallelism is identified using annotations (generally evaluation strategies), that are defined using only two extra primitives: par and seq.
Small interpreter for language based on Haskell report 1.2; experimental, more so for type classes. Haskell adopted some ideas of Gofer, but Gofer type class system is more flexible. Runs on DOS, Linux, Macintosh, Unix. Hugs predecessor.
Object-oriented Haskell extension, using a preprocessor, supports a form of inheritance via extended class and instance declarations. Descriptions, documents, source download, links.
An interpreter for Haskell which runs on almost any platform. Primarily used for teaching.
Hugs Archive
Many files for Hugs Haskell interpreter: source code, documents.
Kahu Research
Makes Mondrian, light Haskell version to interoperate with other languages in OO environments; runs on .NET (old version for JVM), supports ASP.NET, to embed functional code in webpages with C#. Has version of Glasgow Haskell Compiler using Mondrian for .NET to compile Haskell for .NET.
nhc98 from York
A Haskell 98 compiler.
pH (MIT parallel Haskell)
A parallel eagerly evaluated variant of Haskell with syntactic provisions for loops, barriers, and I- and M- structure storage.
Polytypic programming language; source files for compiler written in Haskell that compiles PolyP-code to Haskell; library of polytypic functions written in PolyP, some examples, documents, downloads.
Template Haskell
Haskell 98 extension allowing type-safe compile time metaprogramming, with Haskell, as the manipulating language and the language being manipulated.
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