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Avoiding the Unnecessary Recompilation of Fortran 90 Modules
A paper by Daniel Grimwood with Perl scripts.
Chasm: Language Interoperability Tools
Tool to improve C++ and Fortran 90 interoperability. Chasm parses Fortran 90 source code and automatically generates C++ bridging code that can be used in C++ programs to make calls to Fortran routines. It also automatically generates C structs that provide a bridge to Fortran derived types. Chasm supplies a C++ array descriptor class which provides an interface between C and F90 arrays. This allows arrays to be created in one language and then passed to and used by the other language.
MTASK is a parallel programming language for memory-sharing environments. LAIPE (Link And In Parallel Execute) is a high-performance package for scientific and engineering computing, programmed in MTASK.
Perl program by Erik Demaine that generates pages of HTML documentation from Fortran 90 source.
Perl script that converts Fortran source code into HTML. All the subprogram calls are linked, both forward and backwards. A clickable calling tree is constructed. A subject index can be made from a user-supplied hash. A search engine, based on regular expressions, searches the code.
Perl and shell scripts to construct makefiles for module-based Fortran 90 programs, by Hugh Pumphrey.
Build tool designed specifically for Fortran projects. It natively handles Fortran dependencies, takes care of locating files in subdirectories, and includes advanced features like multi-threading for better performance on multi-core systems, and multiple build configurations (eg debug, release, serial, parallel).
Fortran 95 Function Parser
Parses mathematical expressions provided as strings at runtime, which can then be evaluated for a large number of variable values.
Fortran Integrated Tool Set (FITS) Project
Will create an integrated toolset for the development, maintenance and migration of Fortran applications for execution on a variety of HPC systems. FITS may be used to create and tune parallel Fortran 90 applications using MPI or HPF, with original features to deal with cache performance problems.
Fortran Unit Test Framework (FRUIT)
Written in Fortran 95. Has assertion, fixture, setup, teardown, report, spec generation, driver generation.
Set of Fortran 90/95 unit testing tools. It includes perl scripts to aid in controlling testing and makefile creation and a Fortran 90/95 assertion library. It is intended to be easily and transparently applied to new or legacy applications.
Parser for fortran source code. Output is in XML format. The parser is based on the g95 parser. Additional tools in Perl are provided to browse Fortran source, and interfacing Fortran and Perl PDL.
GNU libmatheval
Library for evaluating mathematical expressions, with C and Fortran 77 interfaces.
KFWin - Fortan Windows Programming
Compatible with Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 4, developed by KORF software.
Perl script by Michael Wester that generates a Makefile from the sources in the current directory. The source files may be in either C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90 or some combination of these languages. If the F90 compiler specified is cray or parasoft, then the Makefile generated will conform to the conventions of these compilers.
Objexx Fortran Toolkit (ObjexxFTK)
Unit testing framework, assertion support, and array, string, and other function collections to support modern Fortran development.
Perl scripts for Fortran
Scripts by Kate Hedstrom to add continue and enddo statements, indent code, put labels in order, replace enddo with continue, convert from fixed to free source form, add space around if statements, and create make files.
An integrated development environment (IDE) for Fortran, based on Eclipse. Includes downloads, documentation, screenshots, mailing lists, and a wiki.
PIPS: Automatic Parallelizer
Free, open and extensible workbench for automatically analyzing and transforming scientific and signal processing applications. The PIPS workbench is especially relevant for people interested in whole program compilation, reverse-engineering, program verification, source-to-source program optimization and parallelization.
The Polaris compiler takes a Fortran 77 program as input, transforms this program so that it runs efficiently on a parallel computer, and outputs this program version in one of several possible parallel Fortran dialects.
PRecision Estimation and Control In Scientific and Engineering computing (PRECISE)
Set of tools provided to help the user set up computer experiments to explore the impact of finite precision on the quality of convergence of numerical methods. Because stability is at the heart of the phenomenon under study -- mathematical as well as numerical stabilities --, PRECISE allows users to investigate stability by a straightforward randomization of selected data, then let the computer produce a sample of perturbed solutions and associated residuals, or a sample of perturbed spectra.
Description of Ratfor, a Fortran preprocessor, by its author, Brian W. Kernighan.
Preprocessor for Fortran code which allows the use of C-like flow control constructs, written by Brian Kernighan. Includes source code and documentation.
SDX Modeling and Simulation Software
Modeling and simulation environment providing the computational facilities necessary for high-performance numeric solution of technical problems. Compatible with Compaq Visual, Lahey, Microsoft, and Watcom Fortran compilers.
SPIRAL Project
Automatically generates platform-tuned implementations in C or Fortran of signal processing transform such as the discrete Fourier transform, and discrete cosine transform.
U_F95_TS Fortran 95 Test Suite
Includes suite of Fortran 95 tests that exercise all portions of the language. It consists of more than 400,000 lines of Fortran 95 code. In addition, test generators produce and execute ten million lines of Fortran 95 program statements. In addition to tests of syntax rules, intrinsic functions, etc., there are tests to ensure that the compiler conforms to the requirements that certain conditions are diagnosed.
Executable version of the SLAC MORTRAN3 precompiler with file I/O enhancements. Binary download with installation and usage instructions.
GUI toolset for the Fortran 90/95 programming language. It consists of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library. Versions are available for most Fortran 9x compilers.
Source code editor and integrated development environment for Fortran for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
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