This category contains sites pertaining to Fortran source code, primarily individual routines or loose collections of routines such as those for numerical computations, particularly in linear algebra (solution of linear equations, eigenvalues, etc.), evaluation of special functions, constrained, unconstrained and global optimization, probability, statistics (particularly least squares), and random number generation. See the main Fortran category for Fortran standards and compilers. See the Libraries subcategory for Fortran libraries, both in binary and source form.

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The Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS)
Regional to stormscale atmospheric modeling and prediction system, written in Fortran 90 and released in the public domain. Includes detailed documentation.
Algorithms and Data Structures in F and Fortran
Codes from book by Robin Vowels for sorting, linked lists and trees, complex arithmetic, text processing, solving linear equations, graphics, searching, numerical methods, and whole array operations.
Fortran 77 package to generate unstructured triangular meshes adapted to a solution function defined at mesh nodes.
Code for boundary integral equations, by Kendall E. Atkinson.
Collaborative Computational Projects
Links to chemistry, physics, and engineering codes, many in Fortran.
Combinatorial algorithms
Generation of subsets and permutations, Hamiltonian cycles, determinants and permanents, network flow, and minimum spanning trees.
Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations
Code from the book, translated to ELF, a Fortran 90 subset. Algorithms for calculations in science and engineering, including linear equations, spline interpolation, integration, differential equations, zero finding, minimization and singular value decomposition.
Daniel A. Steck
Fortran 90 codes to integrate Ito stochastic differential equations, generate random numbers, compute the FFT, and time programs.
Code by Kevin Rhoads to allow precision to be deliberately thrown away in an IEEE floating point compliant computing environment in order to more closely model computations in less precise floating point systems.
Ernesto Martin's codes
Random generator networks and other algorithms.
Fortran 90 codes from introductory course by John Mahaffy.
F (Fortran 95 subset) Program Examples
Factorial function, iterative computation of the square root, nonadvancing I/O, dynamic arrays, Towers of Hanoi, and other topics.
Implements the draft F2K standard for accessing the command line and arguments. Site answers questions and lists supported compilers and platforms.
Finite Elements
Fortran 90 code by Jacques Laminie.
Fortran 77 Codes
Programs by John A. Strain to count zeros of the zeta function, compute the Fast Gauss Transform, and use spectral methods to solve nonlinear parabolic systems.
Fortran 77 Codes
Programs by Niklaus Zimmermann for climate data analysis, moving window regression, soil profile analysis, and testing predictive (simulated) maps.
Fortran 90 codes of John Burkardt
Translations of Fortran 77 packages Lapack, Linpack, Eispack, Quadpack, and others. Code for graphics, finite elements, random number generation, and other topics.
Fortran code
Fortran 77 codes by Daniel Powers for optimization and statistics.
Fortran Library Links
Gary Scott's collection of source code links.
Fortran Programs for Scientists and Engineers
Code from the second edition of the book Alan R. Miller.
Fortran Resources (Lahey)
A collection of links provided by a vendor of Fortran compilers.
Fortran Resources - Garnatz and Grovender
Keyed file shareware in Fortran 90 and 77, Fortran 90 interface to the X Window system.
Fortran Tools by Nelson Beebe
Dcl2inc postprocesses ftnchek .dcl files to create separate include files; dtosstod converts Fortran floating-point precision; fpp is a reversible Fortran preprocessor; lprsf3 is a filter to print Fortran and SFTRAN3 files with boldface keywords; and pretty is a Fortran 66 prettyprinter.
Free Software (of Craig C. Douglas)
Fortran and C codes for fast matrix multiplication and multigrid solution of PDEs.
Library by David W. Pierce that allows calls to the XDR (eXternal Data Representation) routines from Fortran.
Demonstrates handling of floating point exceptions under g77/i386/Linux. By Tom Crane.
GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software
Guide to mathematical software in Fortran held at a small number of US government establishments. Some sources are in commercial libraries and are not directly accessible. The code is of a uniformly high quality but usually old; there may be more recent and better algorithms available.
A Generic Linked List Implementation in Fortran 95
Paper by Jason R. Blevins with accompanying source code. Develops a standard conforming list which is capable of storing data of an any type.
Generic List
A generic uni-directional linked list with sample list operations, written in Fortran 90 by Roger Young and Peter McGavin.
Package for curvilinear orthogonal grid generation, which creates an orthogonal grid when provided with boundary information.
Hello, World
Example of simple program in Fortran.
High Performance Finite Elements
Fortran 77 and 90 codes.
Input Routines
Fortran 90 module by Andy Stone that parses input lines into 'words', and routines that read a 'word' and translate it into a specified form, usually an integer or double-precision number. In conjunction with a simple CASE structure this provides a powerful and flexible method for organising data input. The package includes documentation, and an example program and data file as illustrations of the ways in which the module can be used to organise data. [gzipped tar file].
ISO Varying String
Implemented in the F subset by Rich Townsend.
Jeff Cameron's Fortran code
Code for the VMS operating system and for a fractal figure called Sierpinski's Gasket.
JPL Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides on CD-ROM by Standish, et. al
Contains three different Jet Propulsion Laboratory Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides (DE200, DE405, and DE406) along with associated reading and interpolating routines, allowing the user to obtain the rectangular coordinates of the sun, moon, and nine major planets by means of a subroutine written in standard Fortran.
Fortran 90 program by Werner W. Schultz that checks for the available KIND parameters available for a given Fortran 90 or 95 compiler. It prints into a file a new Fortran program that can be compiled to write into a unit the various parameters that describe each integer/real representation.
Lahey's Fortran Code Repository
Fortran codes for various tasks.
A Fortran 90 library by Alexander Poddey to access (read and write) XML (and similar) structured files via a linked list. This is conceptually different from the SAX approach. The data can be held and 'browsed' in memory.
MathFinance - Financial Functions Library
Fortran 90 code for the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial model, the analytic Black-Scholes formula, and Monte Carlo Simulation.
Moisture Content Adjustment Program
Code to predict a property (P2) of dimension lumber at a target moisture content (MC2) given the value of the property (P1) at an initial moisture content (MC1).
NAS Parallel Benchmarks
Set of eight programs designed to help evaluate the performance of parallel supercomputers. The benchmarks, which are derived from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications, consist of five kernels and three pseudo-applications.
Tool by Patrick Jöckel for data transfer of gridded 2- and 3-dimensional (spatial) geophysical/geochemical scalar fields between grids of different resolutions. The algorithm handles data on rectangular latitude/longitude grids (not necessarily evenly spaced) and vertical pressure hybrid grids of arbitrary resolution. The input/output data format is netCDF.
Neural Network Source Code in Fortran 90
Free code to help you develop neural networks.
Numerical and Statistical Codes
By Jean-Pierre Moreau.
Numerical Methods
Code by John H. Matthews to accompany the book Numerical Methods for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, Second Edition.
Numerical Recipes Home Page
Home of the Numerical Recipes series of books on scientific programming, including the Numerical Recipes On-Line Software Store, free upgrades and bug fixes, and the complete books on-line in PostScript and Acrobat formats. The Numerical Recipes code in Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 is not in the public domain.
Ooura's Mathematical Software Packages
Quadrature, FFT (1D & 2D), Bessel functions, and GAMERF (gamma and error functions, including quadruple precision).
OpenMP Tutorial
Has examples of Fortran codes using the Message-Passing Interface (MPI).
Orderpack 1.0 sorting and ranking routines in Fortran 90
Public domain package by Michel Olagnon of general and specialized sorting and ranking routines in Fortran 90. Specialized routines include partial sorts, partial ranks, unique sorts, unique ranks, partial and unique sorts, as well as partial and unique ranks.
OS Command line interface utility for Compaq/Intel Visual Fortran with immediate return or wait specified in milliseconds (routine automatically quotes the command string).
PDEs and linear equations
Fortran and C codes by Dong Liang.
Peter Benner's Software
Subroutines for control theory, calculating eigenvalues of Hamiltonian matrices, packing and unpacking symmetric or triangular matrices, and examples of discrete- and continuous-time algebraic Riccati equations.
Problem Generators
Generators for linear ordering and clustering problems, by John E. Mitchell.
Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)
Programs for aeronautical engineering, many from NASA or USAF, complete with public domain source code, instructions and sample cases on CD-ROM. [Commercial]
Selected Publications and Unpublished Software of Patrick Keast
Code for partial differential equations, quadrature, and the solution of linear systems, with associated papers.
Easy Inter-Process Shared Memory Communication Utilities for Win32 using a simple Fortran 77-style interface. Written for Compaq Visual Fortran by Gary Scott.
Fortran 90 module, by William Mitchell, for measuring execution time of program segments. It is designed to be a portable, easy-to-use means of measuring execution time.
Texas KZK Time Domain Code
Fortran 77 time-domain computer code to model axisymmetric sound beams in fluids. The code is based on an augmented KZK equation that accounts for nonlinearity, diffraction, thermoviscous absorption, and absorption and dispersion due to an arbitrary number of relaxation phenomena.
Tomasz Plewa's Numerical methods directory
Directory of links to numerical analysis sites, many of which contain software.
Utilities in Fortran 90
Fortran 90 code by Michel Olagnon: pre-processor and pretty-printer, with command-line interface for Unix, fsplit utility for splitting large files into separate ones for each procedure, PostScript converter, interface bloc generator, and format creator for numeric strings.
Utility Code
Fortran 95 code by Paul van Delst for type kinds, comparing floating numbers, error handlers, file processing, endian conversion, list processing, string processing, dates, and fundamental constants.
Various Fortran 90 modules
Code for sets, graphs, multi-precision integers, and polynomials.
Wild-card String Matching
Fortran 77 code by Clive Page to do wild-card matching to a pattern, which may contain "?" to match any single character, and "*" to match zero or more consecutive characters of any type.
Interactive program in Fortran 77 and C for the design and analysis of subsonic isolated airfoils, released under the GNU General Public License.
Module by Mart Rentmeester that reads and interprets XML in standard Fortran 95. Also at the site is code for varying length strings, the complementary error function, an interface to the GD Graphics Library, and nucleon-nucleon potential models.
Aims to be a library that allows programmers to access XML files.
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