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Ajilon Services, Inc.
Their approach is designed to leverage existing investment in legacy systems and staff. They can assist with integrating legacy systems with web-based technology, transforming applications to support new business objectives, and turning data into decision making information.
Replacing Unisys COBOL or LINC/EAE code and develop in an open environment with any database.
C-Cubed Inc.
An authorized Micro Focus Technical Developer program member that provides seamless connectivity for MVS file access (all file types: VSAM, QSAM, PDS, Librarian, etc.), MVS and COBOL subroutine access (calling MVS load modules from MF Animator and returning results), and MVS database access (IDMS, IMS, Datacom, etc.)
Caliber Data Training
Providing IT training to corporate clients since 1987. The curriculum includes COBOL, TSO/ISPF, Dialog Manager, DB2, SAS, Easytrieve, JCL, and Project Management.
Cobol Access+
A gateway between cobol applications and database technology for unix and windows systems by RLDT.
COBOL Gold Mine at ILS International
COBOL has been pronounced dead and buried more often than enough yet comes back younger and more powerful than ever. Surf the pages of COBOL Gold Mine and find out why COBOL is still the language that makes the business world go round.
COBOL Report Writer
Introduction, Tutorial and Reference for COBOL's report writer feature (including latest developments) plus assistance and information for users of SPC Systems' software.
COBOL ReSource
Provides a very complete VS environment in unix. It contains the Wang COBOL 85 compiler, a robust indexed/consecutive/relative file system ported from the premium Wang XDMS VS product, the Wang Procedure Interpreter, and a host of other components built by Wang from the original VS source code.
Offers an open source compiler and provides consulting, training, development and support services. Headquartered in Paris, France with offices in Brussels, Belgium.
PowerStructure COBOL flowchart and structure chart tool generates structure charts from COBOL source automatically. Get an intuitive feel for COBOL program logic nearly instantly or draw your own flow diagrams and flowcharts.
Automated COBOL services. Examples illustrate the types of problems Datatek has helped customers solve.
Flexus COBOL Page
Automatically migrate existing COBOL screen definitions to windows or open systems. Flexus offers user interface conversion tools and services for COBOL programmers.
Fujitsu NetCOBOL
COBOL compilers for Windows, .NET, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux along with Mainframe migration tools.
Migration specialists from the Unisys CTOS operating system to Windows. ConneCT-OS is a series of tools and products that will take legacy COBOL programs up to Windows/Unix.
IBM VisualAge delivers innovative and open solutions to professional programmers to rapidly exploit network middleware while developing, extending and managing scalable business and web applications.
Jerome Garfunkel Website
International COBOL consultant and author.
Micro Focus
Offering a scalable suite of COBOL development environments for the effective integration, extension, development and deployment of enterprise applications.
Progeni Corporation
Progeni specializes in tools/services to solve Y2K problems and convert/migrate existing COBOL applications to open information environments and e-business platforms.
A quality control and assessment tool that can take virtually any COBOL code available today, measure it against sophisticated user-defined compliance rules, and even perform automated patches on the source code. Also online COBOL restructuring services.
Redvers Consulting
Information on the COBOL XML interface, Cloaking Device, Data Encryption and Data Compression products. Free trial versions are offered.
Siber Systems
The CobolTransformer Toolkit product family contains COBOL parser, COBOL Program Tree, and COBOL Code Generator that together form a base on which all other CobolTransformer products are built. COBOL Data File Readers read COBOL data files and convert them to various non-COBOL data formats.
Tools and services for Business Rule extraction from COBOL and CA-IDEAL code, translation of COBOL and COOL:Gen to Java or C#, COBOL rehosting and refactoring, HTML documentation of existing code.
Source Recovery Company
The Source Recovery Company,LLC recovers missing COBOL or Assembler source code for the IBM mainframe environment. SRC can help you save time, effort, cost, money and minimize your overall Year 2000 project risk.
TANDEM To ANSI C Conversion Suite
AEI's complete TANDEM SCOBOL, COBOL-85, and TAL to ANSI C conversion automation tool.
A XML parser generator for COBOL.
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