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Bjarne Stroustrup
Personal website of the creator of C++.
Andrzej's C++ blog
Andrzej Krzemieński's personal blog. Guidelines and thoughts about C++.
Aymeric on Software
Personal website of Aymeric Barthe. Collection of technical articles regarding C++, advanced Win32 topics and Mac OS X programming.
Belkin, Zeev
Garbage collecting technique in C++. Advanced approach to the C++ exceptions. Implementation of the exception handling system for archaic C++ compilers with source. Can be used for better understanding how C++ exception handling can be implemented. Links.
C++ Truths
C++ blog by Sumant Tambe.
C++ Projects: OOGUI is an object oriented interface to the GUI parts of Windows API; Console lib. Online Win32 messages reference. Life game implementation with C# sources.
Faye Williams
Little programming guides on topics in C, C++, Linux and GDB.
Fernandes, Ian A.
Author C++/C programs. Also online music, Windows tips and tricks, links.
Goli, Rajesh - Rajesh's C++ Vault
A bunch of programs written in C and C++ and a few small projects in C++.
Marius Bancila's Blog
Blog on Windows development topics, including C++, C#, STL, MFC, .NET, WPF, and others.
Meyers, Scott
An author and consultant on C++ software development. He hosts technical seminars and provides training and consulting services to clients worldwide.
Scott Prager's blog. Functional programming in C++.
Myers, Nathan
Articles and essays, links to odd places and people.
Nikolov, Nik (nugent)
Slides from imperative programming (C++) lectures in the Computer Systems course at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Also humor stories.
Peter Chapin's Home Page
Professor at Vermont Technical College. Projects, Open Watcom C/C++ compiler work, and course schedule.
Richel Bilderbeek's C++ Homepage
C++ games, exercises, articles, tutorials and examples.
Sergey Satskiy
Contains articles, C++ code snippets, finite state machine C++ template, C++ readline wrapper, UNIX demonisation framework, and a C++ coding standard.
Sulymka, Darryll
Some C/C++ source code of a few project for DOS and Win32.
Surynek, Pavel
Concerning programming in C++, computer science and related topics. Several useful programs with complete source code are provided for download, including GD-RCS (revision control system), and NN-Lab (laboratory for neural networks).
Sutter's Mill
Personal blog of Herb Sutter. C++ authority, bestselling author, Microsoft employee and convener at the ISO CPP standards committee.
C++, MFC, ATL, WTL and COM code downloads, examples and libraries, including ActiveX controls and IE plugins.

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